The draw for Igor Mazurenko’s eyes >>>

The draw for Igor Mazurenko’s eyes # Armwrestling #

Everything was honestly and transparently, - Igor Mazurenko passed the second draw of the Top-8 to such a verdict.


The idea to hold a draw in Kyiv was born spontaneously. In March, we made the first draw, to which no participants were invited, and many felt that it was unfair and wrong. Therefore, the next one must be done with athletes, no matter where it will be held .

By agreement with the Museum of the Klitschko brothers, we had a draw in their hall. We needed an adequate place with good internet for broadcast. The binding point was the clarity and transparency of the process itself. Now there was no need to pull even and odd numbers, the first four sportsmen - the winners of the first stage - chose from 1 to 4, the second - the losers - from 5 to 8.

The correct draw was followed by Elena Kuzmich, the referee, who opened the cherished balls with numbers.

The first to choose their rivals were athletes from the lower group. For valid reasons, the draw was not attended by Tim Bresnan and Dmitry Trubin - they were replaced with spectators. Matches of this group were formed in the following way: Rustam Babayev (5) - Tim Bresnan (6), Dmitry Trubin (7) - Alex Kurdecha (8).

For some reason, everyone in the upper grid decided that Evgeny Prudnik would get on Levan Saginashvili. But Levan pulled out number 1, and Evgeny, immediately after him, - 3. And the couples turned out like this: Levan Saginashvili (1) - Kydyrgali Ongarbayev (2), Evgeny Prudnik (3) - Vitaly Laletin (4).

Everyone was convinced that the draw was fair. Athletes talked with the audience, shared their impressions.

After the second stage, there will be no more toss, because the pairs will be formed in the course of the fight during the second stage.