Bottom grid of Top-8: forecast >>>

Bottom grid of Top-8: forecast # Armwrestling #

What will the pairs from the bottom grid of Top-8 show us? The forecast by Igor Mazurenko.


Perhaps we should start the review with the fourth pair - Dmitry Trubin and Alex Kurdecha. This pair had to fight in preliminary matches in January to select one participant of the project among them. But due to the current situation, we took both without selection.

Previously, Alex was counting on the fact that he would meet Dmitry and in the first stage, but the draw decided otherwise. Now both athletes are satisfied with this choice.

These guys are very interesting - both in a situation with one loss. And now Dmitry Trubin gets exactly the kind of opponent he wants. The one with whom, he believes, the struggle will be in his favor. In turn, Alex thinks that Dmitry will be convenient for him, and he will be able to win. It remains for us only to wait for the second stage and find out whose guesses will be correct.

We have already seen Rustam Babaev and Tim Bresnan in the Vendetta # 50. Then Rustam won against Tim, but it was clear that Tim had a certain reserve of power potential. But according to Rustam, this fight will be able to win. But Bresnan says: "Just give me Babaev".

And judging by the fight in Rumia, I would not be so confident on the site of Babaev, because Bresnan controlled the fight, and the outcome of the it was decided by fouls. Now the guys got a chance to find out until the end of each other's possibilities.

Who do you think will be able to win in these fights of the bottom grid of Top-8?