The pursuit for the mass: Prudnik - Laletin >>>

The pursuit for the mass: Prudnik - Laletin # Armwrestling #

There is a month left until the second stage of the Top-8 and all the participants in the upcoming tournament are now in the midst of their preparations. Thanks to social networks, all fans, subscribers and interested people can watch almost every day of the life of Top-8 athletes.


But now, at the stage of intensive preparation of athletes for the second stage of the most ambitious armwrestling tournament, we are interested in the training process of our idols and conditions, in which they will appear on September, 14 in China. And thanks to the activity of Top-8 athletes on social networks, we can draw preliminary conclusions about a certain transformation of the participants.

Of course, the main “experimenters” of Top-8 in terms of body and shape transformation are Evgeny Prudnik and Vitaly Laletin, who will have to figure out whose training was better and who will compete for the main prize in December. Both Vitaliy and Evgeny have been at the top of the world arm wrestling for a long time, but we confidently declare that these athletes of the 2019 format are completely different athletes with a completely different shape and training. Their performances at the first stage became indicative.

Evgeny Prudnik is perhaps the most active user of social networks of the entire eight. We all follow his training, weight gain and working weights and his transformation is really impressive. His weight already reaches 112 kg and most likely - this is not the limit. There is a risk of losing in other qualities when gaining mass, but Evgeny’s duel with Rustam in Malaysia showed that he knows what he’s doing, and he can skillfully use every advantage.

On the other hand, Vitaly Laletin, who most recently at the 2018 World Cup successfully performed in the category of up to 110 kg. Less than a year has passed (!) and now Vitaly’s weight is already around 130 kg! And just like Evgeny Prudnik, Vitaly clearly does not feel any discomfort in weight. In the first stage of TOP-8, he confidently won Dmitry Trubin once again showed his strengths - speed and high level of technical training.

The fight between Evgeny and Vitaly is a real gift for the audience and it is impossible to predict the result, as we will see the updated one and the other. In our opinion, it will be a battle of styles and the winner will be not the one who will gain the most mass, but who will be able to impose their own rules.