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Triumphal D1 China Open # Armwrestling #

September 14-15, in Shenzhen, China, the D1 China Open professional tournament was held, which became the mother platform for the second stage for the Top-8.


According to Igor Mazurenko, president of PAL, the idea of ​​holding a tournament of this level at the production company D1 arose long ago, and it came to life thanks to a fruitful cooperation with the Professional Armwrestling League.

The tournament was attended by about 180 athletes from a dozen teams. Among the participants are representatives of China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Korea, Australia, Great Britain, the USA and other countries. This was facilitated by an impressive prize fund of $ 100,500.

At D1 China Open, for the first time in a professional tournament for participants, the age categories of juniors U-23 and masters were introduced. It is interesting that the winners of the junior categories - Roman Mantyka and Alexander Bezyazykov, also received prizes among adults.

In general, each category was very dense and saturated.

In the weight category of 57 kg, the Ukrainian champion Oleksiy Mykytiuk became the absolute champion. He easily passed all the opponents on his left hand. Safuan Asif from Malaysia was able to provide him with a worthy support on the right, but in the final match the victory still remained with Oleksiy.

In the category of 63 kg on the left hand, the highest result was shown by the Japanese Yasunori Saito, the second was Egor Leshtaev from Russia. But on the right hand, the wrestler from Japan could not maintain his leadership position and took only third place. The first place - at Egor Leshtaev, the second - at the Indian athlete Monoj Debnath.

Mindaugas Tarasaitis in social networks said that he would come to win weight 70 kg and 78 kg. And so it happened. If in the light category he had no equal at all, then at 78 kg Roman Mantyka spoiled the overall picture a bit and took the gold in his left hand, leaving the Lithuanian athlete in second place.

In the category of 86 kg and 95 kg, Bogdan Ivakhnenko and Igor Pasieka from Ukraine dominated.

At 105 kg on his left hand in a difficult final match, Ilya Ilin from Kazakhstan pulled out a victory from Igor Paseka, and on the right hand gold was behind Pole Marcin Lakhovich.

At +105 kg, the Russian armwrestler Dmitry Silaev designed a triumphant comeback after an injury.

The girls became the absolute champion of the Japanese team. Only in the weight +65 kg on the left hand Gintare Stravinskaite from Lithuania took the gold.

D1 China Open is a ranking tournament, the results of which are entered in the URPA, so all participants updated their positions in the respective standings.

D1 China Open is a top-level sports event that has seen millions of spectators. Thanks to D1, armwrestling has great potential for development in Asia, which we are sure will see in the coming years!