Vadim Aleinikov: After I visited Zloty Tur I realized that I made the right choice >>>

Vadim Aleinikov: After I visited Zloty Tur I realized that I made the right choice # Armwrestling #

Zloty Tur is just around the corner and we are all waiting for this event. This time, special attention will be focused on the category of 95 kg, because there is a high probability that next year we will see the Top-8 tournament in this weight category. Today we want to talk about one of the favorites of this category - Vadim Aleinikov from Russia.


Vadim, tell us about yourself, when did you start arm wrestling and why this sport?

- I started doing sports when I entered the Volgograd College of Railway Transport. At that moment I was 17 years old. I used to have a desire, but there was no possibility because I lived in a village with a complete lack of gyms, even at school. In a regular physical education lesson, I ended up in the gym, where at that moment the technical school team was preparing for the competition. Having looked at them, I became interested and from there it all started.

You have many victories, can you single out the most significant of them?

- The most significant victories for me are the victory at the Zloty Tur 2018 in the 86 kg category and the victory in the open class at the STURM 2019 tournament.

Tell us about your training, where are you training now, do you have a coach? Which do you prefer more - iron or a table?

- I study in Volgograd and represent the METRISHEV TEAM, which is led by the President of the Federation of the Chechen Republic Abdul-Rashil Metrishev. I train online under the guidance of Ivan Doborezov. Training is always different; on average I do workouts 4 times a week. I work both on blocks and with iron, I think that this is all necessary and do not give preference to anything.

Why did you decide to go to the pros?

- At international starts, I pulled only in juniors, became the silver medalist of the European Championship 2014. Seeing that at the amateur level career growth is completely absent, I decided to try myself at a professional level. After visiting Zloty Tur, I realized that I made the right choice.

You plan to pull in the Zloty Tur in the 95 kg category, why did you decide to rise in this category? Do you know your potential rivals whom you could single out?

- Yes, this year I will perform in the 95 kg category. This is due to the opening of the Top-8 in this class. I believe that this year there will be a roster that Zloty Tur has not yet seen. I think Oleg Petrenko, Petro Margarint, Ermes Gasparini are very strong athletes.

Seems that John Brzenk would return to business, and just in the category of 95 kg. Do you think this is the right decision? Can he be competitive today?

- I think for every athlete, leaving sports is a very difficult step. If he returns, it will be very difficult for him, he will not gain his previous form, but he will make everyone nervous and worried.

As part of the Zloty Tur, the Top-8 finals will take place, which pair of finals is the most interesting for you? What do you think, who will take the 1st place - Vitaliy or Levan?

- At the final stage, for me the most interesting pair will be Evgeny Prudnik and Kydyrgali Ongarbayev, and I think the first will be Vitaly Laletin.



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