Krasimir Kostadinov: I can fly! >>>

Krasimir Kostadinov: I can fly! # Armwrestling #

Krasimir Kostadinov competed in the Zloty tournament for 11 years to wait this moment! Congratulations Krasi! I admire your warrior character!


Krasi, I thought time was passing, but you are still jumping before the fight - highest of all armwrestlers in the world. Are your knees still all right? What does this jumping give you?

- Hi! The jump before the start make me feel my muscles, my legs, because otherwise from the adrenaline I can not feel where my feet are going and I have the feeling that I can fall.

What is your records in jumping and in squats?

- My highest jump... hmmm... not sure but about 150 centimeters, long jump from place - 282 sm. Squat 150 kg x 8.

Now trivial - are you satisfied with the performance at Zloty Tur?

- I am happy that I won the overalls with left, but wanted to win the open with right also. But most of the strongest people are in Top 8 with right, so maybe it would be better to win Top 8!

How does it feel to win Silaev? Was that the hardest rival you ever won?

- I feel very happy that I beat Silaev lefty, because in my eyes he was the third strongest guy with left after Levan and Laletin.

Exactly. Are you waiting or are you counting on an invitation to the next edition of Top 8? In the open category, or for example in 95 kg? Is it real for you to go down to 95 kg - without losing strength?

- Every competitor who is cutting weight (more than 3 kg) loose some strength.  Igor Mazurenko said that Silaev and I are going to pull in Top 8, so very soon I will start my preparation for the next year.

So in the open category? Does this mean that you will try to gain more kilograms of muscle mass?

- In the open, yes! The most important thing is that I will try to gain strength!!!

Did you bet on the results of the fights on Top 8? Did your predictions match the results?

- It is good that I didn’t bet, because only the final was how I thought. All the other matches went different way!

So did any of the Top 8 participants disappoint your expectations? Or some of them fared better than you expected?

- Kurdecha made a big progress according to me!

Thanks for the conversation and congratulations again!

- Thanks and see you next year in Rumia!

Interview: PeSzy