Vadim Aleinikov: I think that I have squeezed the maximum out of my form >>>

Vadim Aleinikov: I think that I have squeezed the maximum out of my form # Armwrestling #

Vadim Aleinikov, champion of the Zloty Tur 2018, was considered a favorite of the weight category, and he did not disappoint the audience. Vadim showed one of the most beautiful fights of the whole tournament, having won Davit Dadikiyan in the semifinals, and took second place. As a result, Vadim is guaranteed to be in the pool of applicants Top 8 up to 95 kg.


Vadim, you said that you started your training in arm wrestling, 8 years ago. What goals did you set for yourself at that moment?

- I really started doing armwrestling 8 years ago, and at that time I was not thinking about any competitions. I just went to the gym and did what all did.

Have you had long pauses in training?

- There were many big pauses in training, this is due to many injuries and military service.

Do people often ask you to help with their workouts?

- I am often asked to help with training, and I help many. Especially for those who at least can correctly ask the question.

Do you have students?

- I have students - this is Sergey Ushakov and Elis Metrisheva. Sergey has already gained a very strong position in the 90kg category, having won all competitions at the local level, Elina is the champion of the Russia, the silver medalist of the European Championship and the bronze medalist of the World Championship among juniors.

Was it hard for you to prepare for the Zloty Tur in the new weight category?

- The last couple of years of preparation for Zloty have evolved very badly. When there was a month and a week before the tournament, I broke my leg, then for two weeks I was poisoned twice, so I could not gain the weight I was talking about.

Are you satisfied with your result?

- I am quite pleased with the result. I believe that from the form that I was able to do, I squeezed the maximum.

After the finals, you said that Petrenko was stronger. How much do you think he was stronger, and do you have enough time to catch up, and possibly overtake him?

- Oleg Petrenko was really stronger than me. I think it’s impossible to catch up to the first stage. But if I have more time, then everything is quite possible.

What is your most memorable match on the Zloty Tur?

- The semifinal with Davit Dadikyan was the most memorable, I haven’t pull with anyone so hard for so long :)

The composition of the champions net is already known. Which of the athletes would you be more interested in getting into in the first stage, and why?

- Probably the best thing for me would be to get on John Brzenk. He is an age athlete. And to the first stage, I think, he will not gain his maximum form yet.

What is your opinion of transitional vendettas for getting into 7-8 places? Can you name the favorites?

- In the first vendetta, I think Mykola Renitsa is a favorite, I think he will pick up the key to Igor Okara’s fight. In the second vendetta, honestly, I don’t know, I did not follow their fights well.

Who would you call a favorite of Top 8 to 95kg?

- For myself, I consider Kydyrgali Ongarbayev a favorite. For me, the most colorful was their fight with Evgeniy Prudnik.

You bet on Vitaly, are you very surprised that Levan won with a dry score?

- I did not bet on Vitali, but I thought that this was an unpredictable armfight. Everything is simple here: at the moment, Levan is simply physically stronger, and he rightfully deserves this victory.

What, in your opinion, was missing Vitaly Laletin?

- My opinion is that Vitalik need to add basic exercises on the back and shoulders.

Do you follow any other sports? Did you do anything other than armwrestling?

- I follow the main events of almost all sports. Additionally, but rarely, I go to boxing and did many more sports, but it was just a curious hobby.

What would you recommend to beginners?

- I advise newcomers to set goals and go towards them, not being afraid of anything and not paying attention to anyone.

Vadim, good luck with your preparations!

- Thanks a lot!