Igor Okara: Who doesn’t want to pull with the legendary Brzenk?! >>>

Igor Okara: Who doesn’t want to pull with the legendary Brzenk?! # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

Ukrainian athlete Igor Okara took fourth place in the 95 kg category at the Zloty Tur, and also won in the transitional match to get a place in Top 8. Was this a surprise to him?


Igor, you became the fourth on the Zloty Tur - a step away from the prizes, but at the same time with a chance to participate in Top 8. Was this the goal for you that you went to the Zloty Tur or did it happen “not planned”?

- When I went to Zloty Tur, of course, I wanted to qualify for Top 8, but I realized that it would be extremely difficult to do this, since the category was very strong. Therefore, I tried to qualify for transition fights, as it turned out. I think it’s better for me, because now I have the experience of fighting in a 6-round match.

How long have you been going to such a result? Tell us about yourself.

- The first time I saw armwrestling fights on television in 2008-2010, these were the fights of Andrey Pushkar, John Brzenk, Denis Tsyplenkov, and I wanted to try my hand at this sport. Therefore, already in 2011, I came to the gym and, under the direction of Valentin Odintsev, began to train. I have no serious achievements yet, the best result was the winner of the European Championship in 2015. In my free time from work and sport I spend with my relatives, I like to relax or ride a motorcycle.

Now you participate in the Top 8 project in the group of contenders. Was the transitional match with Mykola Renitsa stressful for you?

- Of course, the fight with Mykola Renitsa was stressful, because we understood that there was one step left in the Top 8 and there was no place for errors. I realized that I would win after the end of the 4th round, because after the 2nd round the wrist didn’t work for me, and I didn’t know if I could turn the match into a hook.

Tell me, in what position do you see yourself among the project participants? Who do you consider a potential winner?

- Of course, the first stage is the most important, so I will try to prepare for it as much as possible. In general, I think that any of the group of contenders will already be much stronger than they were on Zloty Tur, so maybe someone will be able to climb the champions group ... In my opinion, each member of this group of champions is already a potential winner of the entire project, therefore, it is difficult to determine a favorite.

Who would you like to get your first opponent?

- The first opponent I would like to get John Brzenk. I want to get on John, because he does not start and, most likely, will give some time to pull. And who doesn’t want to fight the legendary Brzenk?!

What are your plans for 2020?

- The plans for 2020 - move only forward!!!