How to work with athlete's profile in ranking >>>

How to work with athlete's profile in ranking # Armwrestling #

No more trying to remember all your rivals. Rating remembers them for you!


Mazurenko Promotion worked for a long time constructing the rating system. The system is not only a rating structure, but also its outer shell, which we see on and work with it.

The “face” of this system is as simple and user-friendly as possible. For example, registration for athletes does not require much time. You only need to watch the introductory video, pay the registration fee, watch the training videos and read the rules, confirm your agreement with the rules and get a certificate of a professional athlete.

To enter the profile, you must enter your login (e-mail) and password. If you registered in the rating while participating in the competition, but you didn’t receive a letter with a password, you can try to reset the password. If the system does not recognize your email address, contact support.

What does an athlete profile look like?

On the web page of each athlete registered in the ranking, you can find:

- the number of points earned in certified tournaments (right and left hand separately);

- the place that the athlete occupies in the rating (also right and left hand separately);

- a list of vendettas held;

- a list of all the fights that the athlete spent in the tournament grid.

The last two points - this is a feature that is interesting both for the athlete and for the audience.

In the profile of a registered athlete, you can find out on which championships he earned his points, which places he took, as well as all the opponents with whom he met during this or that tournament and the results of these meetings.

In the menu of a vendetta that the athlete spent, not only the result of the fight is displayed, but also all the conditions under which it took place: fouls, referee grips, strap matches.

Such information can greatly simplify the further training of the athlete and make it more concentrated and logical. In addition, you no longer need to keep in mind a list of all who fought and remember who you lost and who you won, the rating will do everything for you!