David Dadikyan: I do not consider Brzenk a good option for the first stage >>>

David Dadikyan: I do not consider Brzenk a good option for the first stage # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

David Dadikyan had the opportunity, which all contenders of Top 8 2020 95 kg can envy - to fight with John Brzenk in the first stage. But David does not underestimate John. What is he preparing for this fight?


David, tell us how you spent time after the Zloty Tur - how much did you rest and recover? When did you start training again?

- After Zloty Tur I rested a couple of weeks. I spent my vacation in Georgia. I began training a little in the second half of January.

What phase of preparation are you currently in? Can you say that now you are already better than you were in ZT?

- Now I am in the middle of preparation. We train very tightly. Of course, I’ll say that I am better, because I didn’t prepare at the Zloty Tur at all: I arrived from the Worlds and rested. Then we decided that it’s necessary to participate in Zloty, in two weeks I gained weight and came to fight. Now I weigh about 100 kg. There is still a lot of time before the first stage, I do not want to lose weight in vain.

How do you like the matchups that came out as a result of the draw?

- The audience already has some opinion: this one will defeat another one with such a score, but I will not guess. Because in our category, except for those guys who were in the Top 8, no one has had serious armfights recently and in general. Yes, there are favorites, champions, but contenders are also not bad. As for the open - there, too, the guys are charged to win. Everything will be interesting.

You have to fight with John Brzenk, what do you think of him as an athlete and your rival?

- John is, as everyone knows, the legend of armwrestling. I am honored to fight him. He is a good person, as far as I know, and a very balanced athlete.

It was believed that John is the best option from the top four for the 1st round because of his age and long absence. Are you happy that you hit John?

- I don't care whoever I fall for, they are all strong guys. But regardless of the opponent, I would prepare as I am preparing now. I don’t think John is the most successful option, because he has so much experience ... And of course, he knew in advance what he was signing up for and was also preparing.

Who would you like to meet in the Top 8 finals and why?

- Let’s wait and see. Only God knows who will be there at that time.