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Always ready to help! # Armwrestling #

As you know, MAZURENKO EQUIPMENT always defines trends in training equipment, accessories, outfits and trinkets. Everything need of amateur and professional armwrestling. Their products are always the first on the market, they always open new training possibilities or a new style of clothing. That is been for years.


However, sometimes you have to leave the leadership position and do what is needed for today, for now, for everyone. The company has appropriate equipment for sewing sports clothing, equipment and accessories production. Most often they are 3D printers. During the epidemic many clubs have been temporarily closed.

The Mazurenko Equipment team joined the local (Gdynia, Poland) campaign for the production of protective masks and so-called "helmets".

Action initiator Marcin Mielniczuk says:

"We have now made about 1,000 masks for our customers and over 500 frames for plastic protective helmets. Our masks have now traveled to over 20 countries. From unofficial information, we know that one of the Tri-City companies bought face masks from us, sold them further and transferred the profit from the sale to finance "suspended dinners" for the health service. We give away some masks and helmets for free. "

The company is known for careful and thoughtful promotion of innovative products. They are usually presented by leading armwrestling competitors. This time - no promotion is needed. Goods are in demand right away.


Order protective equipment - our equipment, equipment for Armwrestling Warriors and promote our sport anyway. And when the epidemic ends - there will be a reminder of this difficult time.