Dmytro Bezkorovainyi: Muscles will not run anywhere. Stay cool! >>>

Dmytro Bezkorovainyi: Muscles will not run anywhere. Stay cool! # Armwrestling #

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I wrote to Dmytro because he is a very experienced athlet and coach. My main motive was, my memory and understanding of your fears. I will explain it in a moment! April 26, 1986, it blown in Chernobyl. I was exactly 30 years old. I worked in the open air every day and also trained cycling and running outdoors. Nobody and nothing would force me to hide from "radiation" because I could not imagine a day without work, cycling and running. The fears that I would lose my shape were huge and I just had to go on. For now - I do not see consequences of radiation sickness on myself. That is why today I am able to understand the fears of young athletes that they will lose their strength, endurance and other motor skills. I understand perfectly. Well, let's get to the point!

PeSzy: Dmytro - what is the situation in Ukraine with armwrestling now?

Dmytro Bezkorovainyi Head of the Ukrainian Armwrestling Federation:
This year, the Ukrainian national championships were scheduled for April 25-26, but unfortunately, due to the quarantine, they did not take place. A new date has not been set yet. Today, neither transport system nor sports facilities operate in Ukraine. Workouts only at home. From May 12, quarantine should be weakened, but there are no deadlines and forecasts.

PeSzy: In my opinion, the lack of real training will affect juniors and rookies the most. Do you agree?

Dmytro Bezkorovainyi:
If we talk about juniors, they are losing time, the age when they could win more titles and no one will give it back to them. Technical training will not suffer in any way, if we talk about reflexes, then once you learn, you will not forget. Strength training will definitely suffer (strength and endurance indicators will fall), but they can be quickly restored within a few weeks, 1-1.5 months maximum. Everyone has genetic speed, so those who were fast will remain fast. But in general, almost all athletes in the world are in the same conditions, which is why training will affect everyone.
Of course, after quarantine cancellation, everyone will fall into the clubs, but as I wrote - recovery will take 1-1.5 months, which means a smooth increase in training loads, not the maximum load directly at the table (which can lead to injury). Trainers should conduct training with maximum control over athletes.
The most important thing now is to maintain mental and physical health, and the muscles will not go anywhere, you will recover them in a short time.

PeSzy: Thank you very much for the interview and see you soon!

Dmytro Bezkorovainyi: See you soon!