Club competition in Sweden. Anders Axklo about details.


The Swedish Armsport Federation have launched a team league for its clubs, because we needed an official form of competition during the period of time when it is not possible to gather in larger numbers for conventional competitions. 10 teams have registered, and they are divided in to three regions because of distance. The winner of each region will then compete in a final group from which there will be a final Swedish team champion. The match in itself consists of 5 matches left and five matches right, three rounds in each. Each round win results in one point for the team. The categories are women -63 and +63, and the men are -70, -86 and +86. The same competitor must pull both left and right. Also, each team are awarded 10 additional points for weighing a full team. This is so that it will cost the team to much to not bring one category and just hope to win the others.

The first match this past Saturday was between Brynäs and Hedemora, and the next matches are scheduled for the coming weekend.

This is the picutre of the score sheet to make the format clear.

This Hilda Granlund from Hedemora who won her team 16 points just for showing up. The opposing had no one in -63, so Hilda made the big difference.