It's not good, but it will get better! >>>

It's not good, but it will get better! # Armwrestling #

I asked the heads of the national armwrestling federations of the IFA with a few questions. The point is that we should all know what is happening with our Friends and Rivals. A few have already replied. If you are not on this list - write to - how are you? My address under the article.


PeSzy: What were your problems as athletes with the epidemic?

Tomaselli Fortunato from Italy:

In Italy, Covid has prevented sport, in a terrible way. The closure by the state to block the sport in almost all its forms Gyms have been closed. All suspended sporting events. We were organizing tournaments but since the government opens a little closes and not being able to give guarantees that the tournaments would take place we decided not to program anything unless before we have certainties.

Were you able to organize the national championship?

Unfortunately, every time we planned there were closures.

How do you see the next season?

We hope that soon there will be the anticovid vaccine so that we can schedule the various tournaments.

Masato Sato from Japan:

Hello! Now, Japan's tournament has stopped all. It is undecided when it can be resumed.

Paweł Podlewski from Poland:

The 20th jubilee Polish Championship in Koszalin was scheduled for March 28-29. Restrictions came, restrictions, a new date was set, and finally it took place in September.

What will it be like in 2021?

The competition will take place as long as the government restrictions will allow. We, as a federation, would like to have as many competitions as possible. Not only the big ones, but also the smaller ones. You can see that each of us lacks competition at the table. The organization of the competition is not only the Federation, but also activists. They mainly decide if they want, can and if they have a budget for the organization of the competition in 2021. What will the competition be like? This cannot be predicted at the moment.

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