To get vaccinated or not, so... >>>

To get vaccinated or not, so... # Armwrestling #

Interviews with “experts”. I went to see a car mechanic to get my gearbox oil changed and a general car check-up. The car goes on the jack, something's unscrewed, the oil is dripping slowly to the bucket. It's time for a conversation – to get vaccinated or not?


The mechanic asks and I cautiously stay quiet. The mechanic continues about how this “control” that “someone” gets over us by getting access to our DNA... By distributing the vaccine... Heck! - I think. - What do you know about DNA, dude? You've only just graduated trade school. Four years of technical college. What do you know about biology after the education you've received there? I can only imagine the quality of the knowledge... What do you know?! I, on the other hand...

I am a master! Well... A Master of Arts, from a no-longer-existing university*, but still! But... I don't know much about DNA...

So, who should I ask?

A doctor?

The oil keeps dripping to the bucket. The mechanic warms up. He says his doctor friend is not getting vaccinated.

A doctor is a father figure after all. But, heck, not an orthopedist! Sir! What are you talking about?! What does an orthopedist know about the virus? An athletic orthopedist on top of that...

No, no, no!

Sir! I have a friend who says you can't get infected with the virus if you smoke!

The mechanic freezes!

- What friend? - he asks.

Well, one publicist who has a few thousand YouTube views and is a heavy smoker. We smoke, and smoke, and chat with one another. The oil has dripped completely. The mechanic analyses the consistency and color of the used oil. He takes a canister of new oil and gets ready for refilling the gearbox.

A new name comes up: Edyta Górniak**!

She's not getting vaccinated, the mechanic proclaims.

So I'll gladly get vaccinated because I don't like Edyta Górniak after she once attempted to sing the Polish national anthem, very poorly to say the least.

Yes, yes, I now have clarity... But! Marcin Najman*** is friends with Edyta. And Marcin was protecting Jasna Góra****, so I believe we have something in common...?


But Marcin graduated from the same university as me... The university doesn't exist! Neither his nor my major exist any longer, we can, at most, use our diplomas to wipe--

Sweet Lord!

What to think? Who to ask?

WARNING! The material above is NOT advice nor any suggestion. I'm just joking because it's easier to bear this laughing academy with a smile.

Best regards!


*explanation: a 'no-longer-existing university' refers to changes of names and patrons of universities in Poland, common after year 1989

** explanation: Edyta Górniak – a Polish singer and celebrity, known for e.g. her controversial interpretation of the Polish national anthem before a soccer match

*** Marcin Najman – a combat sports athlete, known for his patriotic and charitable deeds and quarrelling with his opponents and journalists.

****explanation: Jasna Góra (Latin: Clarus Mons) - a sanctuary with the monastery of the Pauline Order in Częstochowa, located on the Jasna Góra hill. One of the most important places of Marian devotion and the most important pilgrimage center for Catholics in Poland with the image of Our Lady of Częstochowa, which is considered miraculous.

*****explanation: PeSzy: It's me