A FEW SENTENCES FROM IFA # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

What was, how was and what awaits us in 2021? Anders Axklo has a voice.


Anders Axklo:

There is much and little to be said about 2020. Very many great events we were looking forward to had to be postponed, and are now being planned for 2021. Yet others have happened in the way they can, with respect for olcal authorities and restrictions that are there to protect us all at this time


A good thing is that the focus of armwrestling during the past year has been forced to on a local, and at best national level, giving our member federations time to work and develop on home ground


Positive signals of this is reaching us from around the globe, and are good signs for the great championships to come in 2021. The continental championships, and of course the World Championships in Florida in september are looking to be a massive armwrestling celebration, much longed for, and much needed. Allthough many things caused by the pandemic on global level are unclear, we still plan, work and prepare, believing that 2021 is going to let loose all the longong for armwrestling that has been bottled up in 2020.