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Engin Terzi - FOUR QUESTIONS # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

Four important questions and four answers. Among the athletes invited to the interviews are many well-known personalities of our sport. Today – Engin Terzi


PeSzy: Engin, you've fought a thousand fights. You were winning and you were losing. Let's start with the losers. Which of your rivals surprised you the most? So that you expected him to win, but you lost.

Engin Terzi: That was Lorenzo Villar from Spain in 1996 WAF.


PeSzy: Which winning fight, against which rival, went much easier than you expected?

Engin Terzi: Winning easier than i expected? The answer is Nikolai Grigoriev from Russia in 2003 WAF.


PeSzy: At what competitions, tournaments, in what fights the fans were behind you and cheered you the most? Did your fans' cheering help you a lot? Have you ever fought "on a foreign pitch" where the audience wanted you to fail? How did you feel it?

Engin Terzi: In 2018 WAF i won in my homeland and crowd supported me as expected. But what i heard that in 2015 WAF in Malaysia i was supported by a lot of people. In fact both times i didn't hear anything at that moment as i was so much focused on winning. Later either i heard on videos or people told me about these. I have lived and competed in US for many years and most of the times i was the only foreign person between all those Americans. Time to time my opponents were supported heavily but it only motivated me more because if you don't like what you hear then best way is to make them quite, is winning.


PeSzy: Have you ever felt like doing hell "all that armwrestling" and doing something else? If it was so - why and for what reasons?

Engin Terzi: Yes sometimes i feel thay way, and i wish to go nature and live there without involving any thing including internet. That's not only because of armwrestling but because of the life tiring.


PeSzy: Armwrestling is developing all the time. Can you define specific "epochs" or breakthrough periods and moments from your experience? With whom, what can this be related to?

Engin Terzi: For me first era is from the start (1991) to when i moved to US (1997). Then the years that i lived and competed both American events and Waf Eac events which were my prime years (1997-2005) And next era was the years with so much injuries and still being stubborn enough to run after medals (2007-2016). And the last era is after giving break for 1,5 year and continue to compete with lesser pain than before (2017-2019). Since 2019 i don't know if i am still active or not, i am trying to figure out.


PeSzy: Thank you very much!

Engin Terzi: Greetings to the readers!