THREE LADIES, PART ONE # Armwrestling #

Three Ladies: Anna Grönlund, Agy Gorzynska, Robin Marie Chandler they met in Poland, in the city of Rumia, at the IFA World Championship and the Zloty Tur World Cup 2019. They met, talked and then one of them came up with the idea of a joint program on instagram. Anna Mazurenko watched the program with great delight. An idea was born for a separate interview with each of the ladies. First interview with Robin Marie Chandler! Welcome!


PeSzy: Hello Robin. I already know you work as a big truck driver. So I just have to ask if you know the songs of Willy Nelson? This is my favorite artist, for me he was a symbol of the USA and travel across the country.

Robin Marie Chandler: Willie used to own a truck stop in Texas and I used to stop there all the time years ago. Personally I'm a rock and roll chick that's what I listen to. I never met Willie Nelson in person there was a few times that I just missed him he had just left the truck stop that he owned and I come in too late my idol is.

Jones she is the reason why that I got in the store and Joyce King was a big isle of mine I did get to meet her I was a little disappointed if I'm being honest she kept referring to me as he and him I was very disrespectful to me and I was very upset about it I don't think she intended to do it just as the way it was. Dot Jones is like the break of women's class she was in the Over The Top Tournament she is my idal and Joyce King from Canada there the reason I got into the sport.

PeSzy: I'm very curious, and the readers will also - do you know John Brzenk personally?

Robin Marie Chandler: I do know John a little bit I used to train at Todd Hutchings house and John would be there John was always polite to me I didn't really get to know him that well. I do know John a little bit we're on a first name basis. I've known him for years if I was to message him on Facebook he would answer me back that type of thing. I used to joke with John. I'd say John you're a famous and I'm infamous, and we would laugh.

PeSzy: What was the first in your life, armwrestling or driver's job?

Robin Marie Chandler: I started driving truck when I was 18 years old I did not start I'm wrestling until I was 39 years old. I'm currently 50 I used to trade martial arts for a long time before I did arm wrestling.

PeSzy: Martial Arts? What specifically, what kind?

Robin Marie Chandler: I trained hapketo and taekwondo and some boxing.

PeSzy: That sounds serious! Is it somehow related to professional matters?

Robin Marie Chandler: I used to be a bouncer in a Mexican bar on the weekends so I could make enough money to pay my motorcycle payment.

PeSzy: Then you impressed me! It seems to me that this is an unusual job for a woman? I might be wrong?

Robin Marie Chandler: Yes I was the only female bouncer in the whole state of Idaho. I didn't like the job because I don't like to hurt people but I needed the money to pay for my motorcycle. My martial arts instructor was the bartender there LOL.

PeSzy: Was it dangerous at times?

Robin Marie Chandler: It used to be ...

PeSzy: So write - what are the motorcycles you earned in this job?

Robin Marie Chandler: My motorcycle was a 2003 Indian it was the last motorcycle I own. I don't have one currently but I probably would be buying one in another year or so.

PeSzy: And your truck is ...

Robin Marie Chandler: My truck is a 2017 Freightliner Cascadia. I travel Long haul coast to coast in Idaho anything you can fit in a dry van I'm home rocket fuel to dog food LOL. I've had plenty of adventures over the years. I've been driving truck for 30 years. My Freightliner truck it has a twin size bed and a refrigerator in it and it's very comfortable to live in while I'm working I stay out on the road working two or three weeks at a time and come home for a few days or go to arm wrestling tournament.

PeSzy: Let's go back to the title of our interview "Three Ladies" ... How and where did Anna Grönlund, Agy Gorzynska, Robin Marie Chandler meet?

Robin Marie Chandler: In 2019, at the IFA World, and Zloty Tour Cup.

PeSzy: You came to Poland for the first time ...

Robin Marie Chandler: When I came to Poland it was the first time for me being out of the country. I had waited 10 years to be able to come because getting my passport required me to have surgery and it took me 10 years to get the surgery. I have to say Zloty Tur was the biggest and best tournament I've ever been to and I really wished I had done a better job next time that I come I guarantee you I know what to expect and I will be trained and ready to go to me winning that is more important than winning an IFA World title.

PeSzy: How did you feel in Poland? Is it different than in the States?

Robin Marie Chandler: I'm very well respected as an athlete in Europe but in my own country a lot of times I'm disrespected because of who I am and no one takes me serious as an athlete.

PeSzy: The Instagram meeting attracted a lot of viewers. How did this recording come about?

Robin Marie Chandler: I met Agy, Anna and Anna at IFA worlds in Poland. Me Instagram program was their idea. I was just asked to come on and be a guest. I've never compete against Agy but Anna and I have competed with each other a few times she has two new ends on me left-handed. I have two wins on her right-handed and two wins and she has two wins on me right-handed. They both have World titles and I don't have one yet I only have national titles - 10 national titles.

PeSzy: This year the IFA World Cup is scheduled to be held in Orlando. I`m sure you are getting ready for this tournament?

Robin Marie Chandler: I will be there competing in grand masters and senior classes. I wanna be a world champion! No I am not the best in the world but maybe I can be the best on that day! I hope I do that would be awesome. I invite everyone!

PeSzy: Robin, thank you for the interesting conversation! I hope we will meet in Poland and I will be able to introduce you to our big truck driver. We have one among our armwrestling competitors. See you later then!

Robin Marie Chandler: Thank you too and greetings to my friends and all the female and male athlets in the world! hope I do that would be awesome! I invite everyone!

Robin Marie Chandler, lives in New Sharon, Maine, Owner at Rm Chandler transport and works at Owner at Chandler transport.