This sort of situation... >>>

This sort of situation... # Armwrestling #

Every sports discipline, every type of competition in each discipline should have its rules that takes into account every possibility. Even the start of a new World War (I'm sorry). Nothing, absolutely nothing and never, should be able to surprise the referees, competitors, organizers, spectators, sponsors. Oh, don't forget about the stakeholders. The results of EVERY sports rivalry must be clear and obvious to every interested individual!


If a situation wasn't included in rules and it occurs, it should be radically stated, described, decided and publicly announced. Here's an example: when the rules of golf were being made for the first time, it was difficult to imagine World War 2 and London bombings that took place in September 1940. But the bombings happened and created funnels, in golf fields too, among other places. That's when the leadership of one of London's golf clubs introduced a new rule: if the ball lands in a bomb funnel – the competitor is entitled to one extra hit. This rule stands up to this date, just in case (I'm sorry).

Nothing, even situations that seem the least probable, should be omitted. Even stupid behaviour of the athletes.

Next example from tennis. One day (I think it was the 1970s) a competitor showed up to a match with two rackets. He held one in his right hand and one in his left hand, and he wanted to play like that. The opponent protested, the referee protested and the athlete... The athlete took out the rules and showed them that there aren't any mentions about having to play with one racket only. And it was true! The rule was added.

Now to armwrestling...

A Vendetta match, Armfight, so two competitors of SIX rounds. Six rounds, exactly six.

May 29, 2021, Moscow, PAL Russia Cup.

Fight of the night, Dmirty Trubin (Russia) vs Vyacheslav Sharagovich (Belarus), left arm. Dmitry quickly reaches four-to-zero. Here arises some uncertainty (4:0 or 5:0) that I wasn't able to verify in the repeat but it doesn't really matter. Dmitry injures himself seriously and can't continue the duel. Under the influence of pain and tiredness he forgets that he can just come to the table and give the hand. He just disappears from the stage though.

Who won this duel that was SET FOR SIX ROUNDS?

It was won by Dmitry and we can only regret that nobody told him to give the hand.

Actually – nothing much...


I'm going to ask a question: what would be the result of a Vendetta (planned for six rounds) if a competitor has an advantage of 3 to 0 and then gets injured and can't continue the duel? Let's say that he gets to the table and gives the hand in the fourth, fifth and sixth round. It results in a draw, 3 to 3. It seems like it's clear but...

If the competitor has an advantage of 3:0 and... faints. He wouldn't even be able to get to the table... Would we call a draw a good result as well?

But what do we do with 1:0, 1:1, 2:1, 2:2...?

In armwrestling, I think, the term knock-out, technical knock-out, doesn't make sense.

Maybe we should introduce the term of surrendering.

I'm curious about what you think.

I wish you all duels without any injuries!