Invitation to Hel! >>>

Invitation to Hel! # Armwrestling #

Urgent! Mark it in your calendars, get your tickets, fuel, accommodation! Things will take place in Hel just as they did before the pandemic. It's already the 10th Hel Championships. The previous one took place in 2019. The event is back! We meet July 24, 2021. Exactly! Arrive!


„July 24 on the Sea Boulevard Event Stage in Hel we will hold the 10th Hel Armwrestling Championships. Up to 2019 it was a cyclic event but in 2020 Covid messed a few things up for both the Polish and international armwrestling scenes. We're back after a pause but I hope it will be for good,"

- says Maciej Sośnicki, the organizer of the event.

The URPA Ranking!

Very important! The competition is listed on the URPA ranking so you can climb up the best armwrestlers ladder a little.


Maciej Sośnicki adds:

„I plan a full-day event in which the main course will be the Amateur Championships, the Professional Championships (both men and women), Open Professional for women and... Open Professional with Amateur.

I have spoken to sponsors and I can already tell you that the prizes in OPEN will be monetary. Additionally, for the people gathered at the Sea Boulevard, I have prepared various competitions, of course for children, women and men (and you can win cool prizes too). The sponsors have really surprised me with their positive feedback."


We can't wait!

Dear all! Plan a weekend in Hel for this date because you can both relax and take part in the Hel Armwrestling Championships. I can't sit still at the table from excitement as I'm writing this. We will publish the details in a few days. See you in Hel and by the table.


Please come!!