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Rustam Kamtschiev – WFA's vice-president: What the current situation of armwrestling in Russia is like.


Until this year, the only armwrestling organization in Russia was PAL Russia. Only professional tournaments took place. A lot of sports people reached the highest level – they got into the TOP 8. However, amateur armwrestling was on the brink of extinction.

During spring 2021 the situation changed drastically. Under the leadership of Timur Usmanov, the WFA (Russian Nationwide Armwrestling Federation) was created. Timur is a very recognizable figure in the world of armwrestling. In the 90s he became the European Champion, Russian Champion and Kazachstan Champion. Besides armwrestling, he also has achievements in business, social and ecologic movements. This is why armwrestlers gladly offered the leadership over the federation to such an experienced leader. I also accepted the offer to help develop amateur armwrestling in Russia as a vice-president of WFA.

The Federation's first project was PAL Russia Open tournament organized in collaboration with PAL Russia.

It was a tournament that was organized really well. Sportsmen from 15 countries, including Masters like the threefold World Champion Dimitri Trubin, sixfold World Champion David Dadikyan, World Champion Viacheslav Sharagovich, renowned Sports Master Vitali Laletin, Denis Cyplenkov and Jeff Monson, all arrived to take part in the tournament.
The representatives from Russia's political and financial elites came to the tournament as honorable guests. The press conference of the organizers and participants of the Cup took place at the main informative platform of the country – the ITAR-TASS press center. Besides discussing matters directly connected to the Cup, the topic the development of armwrestling in Russia was also touched upon.

The strategy for the development of Armwrestling in Russia, formulated by WFA's President, is simple:

“We want every school to have an armwrestling table. We're ready to give Physical Education teachers all the necessary guidance and methodological support that is needed. And if children and teenagers in all schools armwrestle in the future, they will form teams and armwrestling will become a popular school competition sport in our country. This systematical approach towards the development of armwrestling guarantees noticing all the most talented young sports people, giving them extra attention in our best sports sections and, under the supervision of our experienced trainers, helping them improve towards the world's armwrestling elite!”

- said Timur Usmanov.

Armpower.net: Thank you for the information, good luck in further developing our sport in Russia!