Armwrestler's loneliness... >>>

Armwrestler's loneliness... # Armwrestling #

Can you imagine a Judo club with only one athlete? One, regardless of the level... Only one, single athlete. Besides that – there's everything. Two dummies, mats, mattresses, gums, springs, dumbbells, weights, there's even a physiotherapist's practice. There are two trainers, one is very old and the other very young. And only one judoka.


Even if they destroy 20 dummies, even if they tear all mats to pieces, even if they go through every single technique “on paper”... They have no chances against a competitor who has many of those on a similar or higher level around them. This is, of course, an abstract example, to highlight the situation. But it does happen with combat sports that in some categories in some clubs there are no sparing partners. Somethimes my trainer friends tell me about it. They have to look around, “borrow” some athletes, but it doesn't always work out in the end.

In combat sports you can't prepare on your own, without an opponent.

What to do?

I've recently seen an advertisement on the profile of a Polish competitor and I was, honestly speaking, really touched.

“I'm looking for a strong, persistent person to practise armwrestling with, twice a week, professional table. DM me!”


I texted Darek Popioek and asked if I can spread the info on and he told me that I could, that many others are also in this kind of situation.

So let's start an informative thread – who, where, when is in need of a sparing partner. Maybe it won't work out immediately but we could always try.

A request towards bigger clubs – advertise more often – when and where you're practising. Maybe someone will find out and would like to come.

Maybe something will come out of it...

Greetings – after all – in a sadder tone... Maybe it's the autumn...