Milos Zeljic from Serbia: we act! >>>

Milos Zeljic from Serbia: we act! # Armwrestling #

Milos Zeljic: «Sport in our country is gaining more and more importance and I, as a representative of the Serbian armwrestling union, am very glad to be a part of it.»


For the last three months, the Serbian armwrestling union has visited municipalities where they have never heard of the sport of armwrestling and held promotions and tournaments in them. In three months, we did 2-3 sports promotions, 6 tournaments (two of which were major international) and several guest appearances on various televisions. Almost every week we did a tournament in a different place. Mladen Jovanovic aka Marjanovic, together with me and a few other friends, participated in the organization of these tournaments.

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He judged, worked in tournaments, competed ... he proved himself on several occasions. It was testing for him. And as the most successful member of the club for his 18th birthday, he got the chance to prove himself as the president of the sports club Orlovi from Majur (Sabac). I believe that he will contribute a lot to our sport, considering that he has been in it for 3 years and that he has really improved a lot and loved this sport. David and Mario, our strongest students, who started high school this month, helped a lot in these tournaments.

I would especially like to point out our most promising small competitor (if you can say so) Andrej Dakic, who has been training with me for almost two years. He only turned twelve at the end of July, now he has started the sixth grade of primary school and he is about 180 cm tall, about 80 kg. He reached me in height, he has the same arm length as me, a very big hand, fingers longer than mine. Already at the age of ten in the fourth grade of elementary school he was taller than his teacher and his father. Lately, he won the category for elementary school students in every tournament where we had that category, and I often register him in the categories for juniors where he fights with boys who are 19 years old. If he dedicates himself even more to our sport, it is possible that we will see him at the European Championships in France next year as a member of our team. At one of these promotions about a month ago, we found a 15-year-old girl who applied for our tournament and in the finals beat Goca Djurdjevic (winner of the silver and bronze medals in Senec this year). It turned out that she was from Ljubovija, the sister of my students who are already champions among juniors at school championships. I didn't know about her because she lived far away, but because of school she moved to my town of Sabac a couple of weeks ago and started training at my club Saiyan. For the last two months, she has competed in 3 tournaments and won gold in each. For the first time, she stood at the table at our tournament and managed to get Goca, which was something amazing, really great talent and she is only 15 years old. It is planned that Goca and she will represent us together at the European Championship next year. We tried to do as many tournaments as possible in as many new environments as possible before we were banned due to the situation with covid-19. Sport in our country is gaining more and more importance and I, as a representative of the Serbian armwrestling union, am very glad to be a part of it. If the tournaments in our country allow, I would like to do our 5th in a row Cell Games in December, a super-match tournament where we would invite our new friends we met in Senec.