Alex won! >>>

Alex won! # Armwrestling #

Before this fight, I asked Darek Groch how he saw Tobias' possibilities. I myself saw an interesting fighter in him and waited for a strong, even fight. A six-to-zero win - of course - makes Alex fans happy. Below is a summary of the fight and an interview with Tobias. Welcome!


First, the shortcut of the fight, then the interview.

But first, after the fact, Darek's forecast, whom I asked, what does he see in the announcement that Tobias will be dangerous, in two years?
Darek Groch:
«I saw what he was doing at the last World Cup and I suppose he is still developing strongly, recently he started as a junior. He is well prepared physically, the weights with which he exercises powerlifting are impressive. Moreover, he is very dynamic - that is, he has all the features that are missing in the plus category, where there are very few such fast and versatile players. I am curious to fight Alex, who gets Ongarbaev only 40 kg more. »
Well, it was what it was. We will wait two years and find out.
Thank you both for the fight!