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KYIV OPEN CUP - 2021 # Armwrestling #

KYIV OPEN CUP - 2021 Necessary information!


Friends! The moment of truth has finally come! KYIV OPEN CUP - 2021 entered the armwrestling chat! What you need to know: • When? November 28, 2021 (Poster №2). • Where? ParyMatchHub, Kyiv, street Ioanna Pavla II, 5. • Weight categories? Men: 57, 63, 70, 78, 86, 95, 105, 105+; Women: 63, 70, 78+ (Poster №3). The fight will take place on the left and right hand in a separate set. •

COVID? Athletes' participation and spectators are allowed provided they have a 72-hour full COVID-19 vaccination document or a negative PCR or COVID-19 rapid test. The rules on the availability of documents apply only to adults. Adherence to the mask regime for persons over 12 years of age is mandatory. • Partners: @pal_usa @mazurenkoequipment If there is a need to issue an invitation, there are questions regarding entry / exit to / from the territory of Ukraine, as well as hotel reservations, please write to me in a personal message.