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Meet the club! # Armwrestling #

Meet this club once again, since I've already written about it but there can never be too much promoting this phenomenon, not just a national-scale one but also a European- and global-scale. Another reason as to why it's worth meeting Niedźwiedzie from Orawa is that you will get to match with them at the upcoming European Championships!


Remember these names! You already know some of them from international events but you will soon be able to learn some more. It's not like we're trying to hide something here in Poland. All cards are on the table!

If it wasn't for “Niedźwiedzie”...

I'm kindly offering you a bit of statistics about the 21st Polish Cup. The results are, of course, on the website. But here's a dose of my own calculations. Please note that they only concern the first day and the right arm. So, it will be about Orawa's Niedźwiedzie under the leading hand of Jakub Janczy.

Between 10-12 December 2021, the 21st Polish Cup in Armwrestling was was held. Jastrzębia Gora – such a beautiful place.

Here's the link to the results!


You will read this text in 67 seconds but the summary – even quicker. So, the summary:

“Niedźwiedzie are The Best!” - and all's clear!

One hundred and ten competitors arrived. It was not a turnout record, some categories visibly lacked athletes to fight, they lacked clear favorites. It was not a good date; some of us are working especially hard before the Christmas time. Many feared such a long trip. All the absences are excused, no worries.

I now want to draw your attention to Orawa's “Niedźwiedzie”. They came with over 30 people on deck and some of them even started in at least two age categories.

I summed up the first day of Jakub's juniors and himself. Just the first day. And it looks like this:

There were 32 sets of medals to get. About 164 people fought in the duels, bearing in mind that some of them participated in more than one category, as I mentioned before.

On the first day, just from Niedźwiedzie, 54 ahtletes performed on the first day!

The competitors from Orawa took the first place 17 times! Seventeen golds out of thirty-two possible. Eight of their athletes also took the second place. In some categories, the entire podium was just Jakub's trainees. When you look at the general team classification, among the juniors, Orawa took the first place with 16 golds, 9 silvers and 6 bronzes; which gave them 260 points in total. The second team in the ranking, Wiking Nisko, had zero golds and only 15 points. In Masters, Niedźwiedzie also took the main prize. In seniors, 242 points for: 10 golds, 7 silvers and 9 bronzes; the next club had only 115 points.

And, of course, the team general ranking – the first place with an over 400-point advantage over the runner-up.

Kuba Janczy told me that at least twice as many competitors could have started in the cup. That means they could have shown us even more.

To sum up!

Orawa, „Niedźwiedzie” are a true phenomenon, not just in Polish but also in world armwrestling. Thank you for coming, and for what you do in your town and club.