Here we go! >>>

Here we go! # Armwrestling #

It's Monday, it's New Year! Greetings to all those who read Immediately concrete! We have another episode of the series "The judge's eye". There are already six episodes. Here is the newest!


The topic is: Intentional slip out or correct? Look carefully because - as always - it is explained with great precision. Thanks Judyta, thanks Paulina. We also greet Darek. And athlets who complete the show. You are doing a good job, let's try to make it reach every athlet, every coach and every fan. Let me remind you of each of the episodes because they are worth it.

Part 6: Intentional slip out or correct?; link

Part 5: Slip out , or escape; link

Part 4: King's move - what IFA and PAL rules say about that? link

Part 3: King's move – What can and cannot? Link

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