A change in the Polish Cup formula... >>>

A change in the Polish Cup formula... # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

I would like to inform you all about a change in the Polish Cup formula! During the Polish Armwrestling Federation (FAP) Congress a very important decision was made. EVERYONE is invited to the next Polish Armwrestling Cup!


The 21st Polish Armwrestling Cup was held in Jastrzębia Góra on December 10-12, 2021.

Results here...

Before the Cup, a Polish Armwrestling Federation Congress was held. During the Congress, a decision about a change in the Polish Cup formula was made. It's about foreigners, athletes from different countries. It was touched upon multiple times but never reached a conclusion before. During the Congress, Darek Groch (you know him perfectly) wellsubmitted the motion. A short debate was held and the motion was pushed through – starting this year, 2022, foreigners will also be able to participate in the Polish Cup.

It's no longer important whether the athlete is in Poland “for a while”, “for life” or “just passing by”. Everyone can take part.

There's only one condition. The athlete HAS TO BE REGISTERED by a Polish club or their federation (their club). It's only to eliminate competitors “out of nowhere” competing as they lower the rank of the event.

This change will definitely raise the sports value of the Polish Cup.

One more thing!

The title that was to be gained at the Polish Cup - “The strongest armwrestler in Poland” - will now be granted to the winners of the Polish Championships.

So, Marlena Wawrzyniak and Kamil Jabłoński ended an “era” as the last ones to gain these titles at the Polish Cup. They will be able to fight for the title again in the OPEN category at the Polish Championships.

That's all about the Cup.

Now, the calendar for 2022...

Supposing the world doesn't go crazy and there will be no military barriers at state borders (knock on wood!), in May (26-30), in Poland, in our “Rumia fortress”, the IFA European Championships will be held. The Polish Federation accepted the challenge.

France, on the other hand, accepted another challenge of organizing the World Championships and it's also a great opportunity not to travel too far. If nothing goes to s**t, it's planned to take place near the end of September.

That's what it looks like now.

If I learn something new – I will tell you immediately.

Stay safe in the new year!