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If you still don't know Sebastian Piotrowski, a member of Wilki Miedzychod, it's high time you met him. He's popular in Poland but – I figure – athletes from other countries should also get to know him!


The IFA European Championships are just around the corner – May 26-30, in our “Rumia Fortress” that many of you got to know during the 1st IFA World Championships and the Zloty Tur tournaments.

Actually, this article should be titled “The welcome of the King” and that's what you can see in the picture. That's how his family, friends and fans greeted Sebastian after the 21st Polish Cup (Jastrzebia Gora, December 2021). A similar welcome to what the Polish ski-jumpers receive, like Adam Malysz in Wisla or Kamil Stoch in Zebie. Maybe on a little smaller scale but still wonderful.

Miedzychod! A truly “pumped” town, the land of a hundred lakes...

For those who were not in Miedzychod, the home of Wilki – I will remind you that in the wonderful autumn of 2020 the 10th Miedzychod Cup took place (included in the URPA Ranking). I hope that we will be able to meet there in 2022 once again!

Here's a link to the 2020 article...

Back to Sebastian!

The First Wolf, the leader, trainer and boss of the Wilki Miedzychod club, Waldemar Podolski, says exactly this about him:

Sebastian Piotrowski is a man who slowly achieves his goals, step by step. His goal is always a gold medal. He often reassures everyone when they speak before a duel: “it'll be a gold!”

That's Sebastian for you! In the 2019 debuts he takes bronze and silver in 70 kg. I remind you – the goal is always gold! Why? Because that's when he can take part in the Polish Cup. That's the goal I set for him to participate in the competition. In 2020 he starts in Gniew Castle in 78 kg, 7th and 8th place, amateur – so a total disaster. The sadness in his eyes! I say it's a good start but there are better than him. Of course, our Sebastian is still training, he never misses a session.

Then comes the year 2021 and the Gniew Castle debuts – a bronze with his left arm. He goes with his right and reaches the finals with a loss, but manages to win the finals and get his desired gold.

Waldemar Podolski:

All of us would love to be greeted at home like Sebastian Piotrowski was. He's welcomed with a “Welcome, Master” sign decorated with balloons. It's all his siblings' work!

Of course, it's just the beginning for him, this medal only gives him the pass to the Polish Cup. He's going full of positive energy and optimism and does quite well at the event. A silver with his right arm (80 kg) in disabled where he finally loses twice to Radek Kwietniewski. Another silver in the same category with his left arm, he wins with Radek but loses to Dawid Lapa. I'm really proud of his achievements and progress. It's not easy but it's “no pain, no gain” for him!

PeSzy: Please, remind us – when did Sebastian join the club?

Waldemar Podolski:

He came to the Miedzychod Championships in 2018, he started as a total amateur but he wasn't discouraged by the loss and started training for real.

PeSzy: Thanks for the interview, congratulations, and see you around!