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I can assume that in the world of armwrestlers there aren't any others with such a hobby... Or are there? If there is, anyone, let me know. Meet a guy whom... you already know very well. Or maybe – not quite so.


PeSzy: Is it true that you teach birds how to speak?


Peter Ceco Racek: True...


PeSzy: What is harder, teaching human speech to a parrot or teaching armwrestling to a human?


Peter: We all learn armwrestling our whole lives, nobody's perfect and we can always learn something from others. For a parrot, it's just a matter of two or three days, it all also depends on the species. I have many of them. I also rear lizards, spiders, dogs and cats. I have about 100 of these in total.

PeSzy: It requires a lot of space...


Peter: It's fine, I have a house with a garden.


PeSzy: How long have you been in armwrestling?


Peter: I began in 1998. The trainer of the national team was Janko Dalák back then. I worked in the Slovak Federation for many years but after a few misunderstandings I moved to SUA under the command of Marián Čapla where I currently work as a trainer of the national junior team and the disabled team.


PeSzy: What are your biggest achievements as a sportsman and a trainer?


Peter: In the previous federation, with the Awk Červenik club, my teammates and I became Slovak Champions multiple times. In the new federation we have a little less clubs now but the number is constantly growing. My club, Rival Fitness Arena, got 12 Slovak Championships medals. My biggest success so far is the silver medal at the World Championships in Rumia. Three teammates of mine also took part in this event: Ivan Puškáč, Filip Vajsábel and the double silver medalist Šimon Chlpatý who started in the motor-impaired category.

PeSzy: How has our sport changed throughout the years?


Peter: Armwrestling hasn't changed much in the years I've been here to witness it (23 years). The only thing that's changed is the training equipment. In the past, I used to train with what was at hand. We used this and that, we tried everything that could improve our strength and technique. Nowadays the technology is on the next level and therefore we can all improve more quickly.


PeSzy: Are you popular, recognizable?


Peter: Am I famous? Yes! Almost all armwrestlers know me here, in Slovakia. I started in the times when Ján Germanus, Peter Gazdarica and Rado Dobrovič were the best. Everytime I fought with them, I regretted that I wasn't as strong and famous as them, and that I couldn't be in the national team. After years of hard work I finally made it to Milan Čapla's national team.


PeSzy: When I see you at any event, you always seem to be helping someone...

Peter: I'm a person who always wants to help their opponents and give advice to them, everyone knows me as this kind of man. Many people come to me for training. After the first one, they sometimes give up. It's hard to explain it to them that the beginnings are always rough. Some give up but others fight. It will take time for us to see which ones will end up on the podium.


PeSzy: If you had to encourage or discourage someone to armwrestling – what would you say?


Peter: I can't see any negatives in armwrestling. I just love this sport! Losses should be treated as motivation to improve our weak points. I can't see anything bad about this sport, maybe except sneaky injuries. I once had a serious injury that required a surgery. Afterwards, a year later, I was back at the table. Recently, I have injured my right arm. They can't operate it so the doctors help me with some special machines. We'll see in time if it helps – I hope so.


PeSzy: I think Slovakia is all about hockey. Do you like hockey? Maybe you play?


Peter: That's right, Slovakia revolves around hockey. I live for it, too, but only on TV. Honestly, I can't skate well. I did combat sports in the past but my motorcycle accident forced me to discontinue. I seriously injured my right leg, it was a very complicated fracture. That's how the trainer, Ján Dalák, discovered me and I ended up in armwrestling. I really believe that I will be in our sport for many years to come.


PeSzy: I have a „WAF stop the BAN“ T-shirt (thanks, Marcin Mielniczuk). It was your form of sharing an opinion. What do you think now that the division has been made?

Peter: It didn't come out well. Sport should bring us together, not separate us. The leaders of the federation know what I'm talking about. I personally think IFA will develop to become a much stronger organization than WAF. I really believe that Marian Čapla's decisions and actions are correct and I thank him for that.


PeSzy: Me too! I also want to send my best wishes to Marian. Thank you for the interview!


Peter: Thank you to you too. Remember! The most important thing is the family, and right after comes the sport I love, Armwrestling!


PeSzy: Thank you to Elena Dubeňová for help with the translation! Greetings!