IFA Euro Arm: Almost final countdown! >>>

IFA Euro Arm: Almost final countdown! # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

Almost two hundred applications for today. This is what the organizer says. We expect a large team from Ukraine, they will surely try to come. The list is not closed yet.


I recommend a drone recording:

Hard to believe, but in the 6th century BC, this hall and these hotels were not there yet ...
Rumia - The first mention of this town appeared in the 13th century, when the Pomeranian Duke Świętopełk handed over the village of Rumia to the Cistercians of Oliwa. However, the history of Rumia dates back to the 6th-4th centuries BC. Our story - is just beginning!

Starting list for today:

14 teams 192 athlets

Denmark 16

Finland 20

Georgia 8

Germany 5

Greece 8

Hungary 8

Ireland 2

Italy 9

Lithuania 2

Macedonia 1

Poland 97

Slovakia 14

Ukraine 1

United Kingdom 2