A sensational loss! >>>

A sensational loss! # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

All IFA EURO ARM, Poland, Rumia 2022 contestants must've arrived home by now. They've happily hung their medals and are now reveling in their victories. The losers are thinking what went wrong. As usually, I will bring back moments that I believe to be worth attention. For example: the duel of the Swede (with the moustache) and Kamil Jabłoński.


PeSzy: What's up with the moustache?

Ronny Dahl: I'd lost a bet and I had to compete like this. But it was only this one time.

PeSzy: I see...

I think that in a few years we will reminisce this moment like this: “once upon a time, a Swede with a moustache, arrived at the European Championships in Poland.” And then what? How he beat Kamil Jabłoński in the prelminaries. Where did Ronny Dahl come from? I've never seen him before, and I know I would remember because he's built quite memorably, and the moustache...

It went like this: Piotr Beberok and Kamil Jabłoński came to the championships with one basic goal; Kamil wanted to win over Piotr, and Piotr over Kamil. I got the idea that all the other competitors didn't even matter to them. And so, they bumped into each other at the prelminaries and tired each other out so badly they would need at least two days to regenerate. But they didn't have the time for that.

The duel Ronny vs Kamil took place. Ronny was so sly with his positions that he won with Kamil. A phenomenal fight with lots of emotions. I cheer for Kamil – so what! I loved that something exciting happened.

Of course, the both of them met up in the finals. The Swede without a loss, and Kamil with a well-thought tactic. He won with Ronny in the final so I, as a fan, could let out the breath I'd been holding.

For those who don't know (though there's not many of you), I will bring back two articles about Kamil.

Of course, a few sentences about his rival.

PeSzy: Hi, Ronny, I'm really impressed with your fight with Kamil with your left arm. What can you say about this duel?

Ronny Dahl: I'm really happy though I hate losing. Last time i was training or fighting with my left arm was at Swedish Championships (two months ago) beacuse have a few injuries in my left arm. It becomes numb when I fight. But I still managed to get silver. The Polish guy was very fast and strong, I don't know if I could win over him even without the injury. And on top of that, he's a really nice guy, too.

Ronny is a multiple Swedish Champion, at EURO (back in the times of WAF 2014) in Baku, he took the podium. Then he was haunted by injuries. Anders Axklo thinks he's a great talent and we will see him on the podium many times in the future, too.

Soon, another look at the past Championships,