Adrian Zgórzyński: Win and protect! >>>

Adrian Zgórzyński: Win and protect! # Armwrestling #

I looked around to see what people write about our double World Champion, Adrian Zgórzyński. One site from Jaworzno released an article claiming that Adrian... breaks arms. The title is inviting, so whatever - as long as they're writing about our sport.


First, a piece from this article:

He advises all new armwrestlers to train regularly. "A schedule is something that will result in achieved goals," says Adrian and adds that it often happens to him that he doesn't want to train but he never gives up and is at the gym everyday to improve".

PeSzy: A banal question - how did you pick up armwrestling?

Adrian: It was quite simple and predictable. As a young boy, I was looking for some way to spend my time. Most of my friends went out to play football, I also did it for a while. But I always wanted to do something new and unfamiliar. I was very lucky to find Tytan Jaworzno (club) in my city. That's how my adventure started, thanks to a friend, Rafał Jakowczyk, who brought me to my first armwrestling training. It's been going on since 2006.


PeSzy: What next?

Adrian: I went to my first competition in 2007 - the 7th South Poland's Championships. Unfortunately, no success in the results. But surely, major personal success - first event, stress, experience. Then I went to a few more, I took the 4th place at the 3rd Wołomin County Championships, and then 3rd place at the 8th Polish Cup in Rumia in +78kg. For me it was an important event. I weighed 78kg and stood on the podium next to Grzegorz Nowak and Wiktor Hubczeńko. At the 8th Polish Championships in Kielce I took the 3rd place twice. It was definitely my biggest success for that time and it motivated me a lot.


PeSzy: Then, after 2008, you left armwrestling...


As of today, I still can't tell you why I did it. I felt that I should try something new once again and picked up martial arts. Then I cut off everything and trained at the gym for hours, just for myself. Physical wellness was always very important to me. Because of that, it was easier to return to armwrestling after 9 years. I participated in the 19th Polish Cup in Katowice. Unfortunately, the stress and pressure were too much so it wasn't a successful event. My closest ones kept encouraging me, though, so I never gave up. That's how I ended up on the 2nd place of the podium of the 19th Polish Championships in Warsaw and have been going only up since then. I try to work everyday on improving myself.

PeSzy: Adrian, have you become recognizable after your success?

Adrian: I've been met with very kind and nice reactions to my passion and an increased interest in armwrestling. I felt it for the first time when I won the European Championships. I was invited to Wędrujące Podwórko by Mr Michał Kłyk. I was pleasantly surprised when strangers became closer and closer to me with each passing minute. Not only did they congratulate me but also showed interest in the sport. It was very motivating. I also received a lot of congratulations after the World Championships. I was invited for an interview by a newspaper in my city. I think that it was only the World Championships that brought upon respect from outside our community. People who aren't into armwrestling don't treat it seriously. Maybe if they saw how it works professionally, they would realize it's not just movie entertainment but a real sport, hard work and dozens of techniques to develop and improve. I'm glad they're starting to realize that.


PeSzy: Congratulations, see you at the upcoming Polish Cup!

Adrian: Thank you, all the best to my fans, rivals and our entire armwrestling fam!