The Swedish Armwrestling Championships through the eyes of Marcin >>>

The Swedish Armwrestling Championships through the eyes of Marcin # Armwrestling #

"You can see the motivation in their eyes! A new generation is growing!" - a few sentences about the latest Swedish Championships from Marcin.


Red: I heard you've been traveling the last few days. What happened this time?

Marcin: Spring is the period when most of Europe hosts its national armwrestling championships. It was no different in Sweden last weekend. Even back in 2022, we were invited to help organize the competition and it was already then that a crazy plan was formed in my head.

Red: what was the plan?

Marcin: Like the Vikings, I decided to take the Polish "scoring team" on a trip to Sweden by ferry. I knew it would take longer than usual, but the unforgettable memories will stay with them forever. And so it was.

Red: What about the competition itself?

Marcin: Sweden is a very organized country. I repeat this to anyone who visits the kingdom for the first time. After registering the athletes, we knew that we could expect over 250 competitors from all over the country. And it was true - exactly this many of them turned up for the competition. My team weighed in while I set up the equipment in the competition hall for the broadcast.

Red: Any surprises?

Martin: A whole bunch. Maybe I won't list all of those I've seen, but I will say that a new - extremely strong - generation of armwrestlers is growing in Sweden. You can see the passion in their eyes. This means that an extremely powerful country today will become even more dangerous in the near future.

Red: Our people have once again shown that they are good at organizing competitions?

Marcin: Yes - we did what we had to do. We added a few more surprises, which were received very well. I heard from several people that it was the best organized competition in a while. And that's the best reward for me. In addition - after the competition - my team proved itself at the table with a dozen athletes or so from the Swedish team. And all I can say is - we are strong!

Red: How many times have you been to Sweden?

Marcin: If I counted correctly, I have been running the Swedish Championships for about 10 years and every year (apart from the pandemic break) I like this country more and more.

Red: Thank you for your input, and a few more words from our referee, Darek Groch:

Darek Groch: I liked it. The atmosphere was a little different, with more discipline - they don't block the view of the tables, they sit politely but cheer with their whole hearts. The competitors are more obedient to the referees' calls. In general, it was very fun. At the congress, I suggested and described our Polish system where clubs have to "deliver" their own referees". It was taken into consideration. All in all? I will gladly visit Sweden once again.