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Jan Bętkowski: Duel of the Night! # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

Congratulations to Jan Bętkowski from the Dziki Bielice team, the representative of Poland on this year's European Championships! His fight with a Greek competitor was called the Duel of the Night by many experts!


Jan Bętkowski defended his European Champion title (right and left arm). I'm not sure about this but I will check - I think Jan is the oldest competing European Champion.

Let's pass him the mic:

"Since I lost in the eliminations with the Greek athlete with my right arm, I had to win him twice in the finals. I was close to losing in the first one - the opponent grabbed my fingers and unclasped my hand. My elbow was on the pillow and my arm and forearm made a "V", and I stayed like that for a minute and 19 seconds. I could have lasted even longer but my rival's arm fell to the table and we got separated.

Here's a link to the fights, I suggest you watch!

We got tied and I won the first fight. Then we got separated again and once again, tied, I won. Our team captain, Grzegorz Nowotarski, told me while handing me the medal that I "showed everyone a master class". Many athletes from other countries who witnessed the fight congratulated me for my attitude. I also heard some good wishes from multimedalists from Poland who watched the duel online, including Wiesław Podgórski and Paweł Lasota.

We first wrote about Jan Bętkowski in October 2019. If you want to know how his career in armwrestling started, read here: