The European Championships held in Finland are behind us. How do the hosts evaluate these competitions?


I asked the captain of the home team. Who from Team Finland can be called the “biggest loser” “hero” and the “surprise” of this Championship?

Ville Mutikainen has a voice!

The Biggest Loser?

Definitely the biggest loser was Topi Saaranluoma, because he should have been in -70 kg class final without any loses, but due unreasonable protest he got 3rd place and wrist injury. I just cannot accept the protest, where neither of the referees saw foul and there is no foul in three different videos, but anyhow outcome of the protest is that assisting referee may have been in a position where foul may have not been seen and rematch will occur. It will be difficult to overcome this case and if rules continue to develop to that direction, in the future there will be huge amount protests. In my opinion Topi was absolutely the best man in the category.

The Greatest Hero?

Someone may say that it was surprise that Aku Moksi took European Champion title by left arm in -78 kg category, but for me it was not surprise at all. Aku and Perttu Sirkkilä (who got European Champion title by left arm in +105 kg category) are rising stars and the future of Finnish armwrestling. Absolutely amazing young men. Additionally, performance of Erika Ketola, the president of Finnish Armsport Association, was fantastic. She gets better year after year, even she already has a lot of experience.

The Biggest Surprise?

Mikko Kaunisto and his matches in para armwrestling category against much bigger opponents. Mikkos path after serious injury has been long and challenging, but his love and passion towards armwrestling is amazing. Three years ago, on the same Peurunka Arena stage, whole Finnish armwrestling family was hoping that Mikko will survive from his accident. And now three years later, I got great honour to be with him in the award ceremony on the same stage. It is unbelievable story, and it still makes me emotional when thinking about those two events in the stage.

Thanks to Erika Ketola