Marian Čapla: Team tournament >>>

Marian Čapla: Team tournament # Armwrestling #

The rules of holding a team tournament in armwrestling. Easy and simply put – everyone will understand it.




A minimum of FOUR teams have to take part in a team tournament. Every team MUST consist of 5 members.

Let's follow a HYPOTHETICAL tournament with 4 teams, including, for example, Poland and England.

Poland and England have their first match (first round of fights).


The first fight: category: 78 kg Poland 1 vs England 1; Poland wins;

The second fight: category: 86 kg Poland 2 vs England 2. Poland wins;

The third fight: category: 95 kg Poland 3 vs England 3. England wins;

The fourth fight: category: 105 kg Poland 4 vs England 4 England wins;

The fifth fight: category: +105 kg: Poland 4 vs England 5 England wins.


The first round has passed. The results are as follows:

category: 78 kg 1:0

category: 86 kg 1:0

category: 95 kg 0:1

category: 105 kg 0:1

category: +105 kg: 0:1


The second round is held.

Round 2, category: 78 kg Poland 1 vs England 1; Poland wins;

category: 86 kg Poland 2 vs England 2. Poland wins;

category: 95kg Poland 3 vs England 3 Poland wins;

category: 105kg Poland 4 vs England 4 England wins;

category: +105kg: Poland 4 vs England 5 England wins;


Results after round 2:

category: 78 kg 2:0

category: 86 kg 2:0

category: 95 kg 1:1

category: 105 kg 0:2

category: +105 kg: 0:2


The only unsolved match is in 95 kg. As of now, Poland and England are tied at 2:2.

Runda 3, category 95 kg - Poland 3 vs England 3. Poland wins; the result of this match is 2:1 for Poland. Overall result: Poland vs England 3:2 (Poland wins in categories 78, 86, 95 and England in 105 and +105 kg).


From here on, the teams follow the cup ladder until the end (with the option of up to 2 losses). This means that losers also have their own ladder and fight for medals there.


This means that all team members MUST win their Vendettas to score a point for the team.


One of the spectators: Once you get it, it's all easy, the tournament is fun and exciting. But you have to get it first. It's a good idea for small tournaments with good athletes.


More emotions!


During this year's 30th Senec Hand World Cup, a team torunament was held. The tournament was incredibly exciting and competitive. The mastermind of the tournament was Marian Čapla and his father, Milan. I always said that armwrestling is an individual sport but now I can't help wondering why this team tournament wasn't a thing until now.


It was a great idea! A few words from Marian:


Marian: We came up with the idea with my father. Honestly? It wasn't a marketing scheme but rather a way to show rivalry between clubs, to engage all club members. Because that's exactly what it results in. We wanted to promote it years ago. Moreover, we wanted all clubs to have female members. The rules seem obvious but the idea still wasn't working?


Marian: When I was the VP of WAF, I wanted to create a TEAM WORLD CUP... I tried to push it but it didn't work. When IFA came around, I wanted to try again.

And we did it at Senec Hand! We have two obvious ways of holding armwrestling events: tournaments and Vendettas. Sometimes you can have both at one event. It provides you with a lot of emotions and is generally very attractive to the public. There are, in fact, club or team rankings after all events but...


The emotions are not there! The team points appear only after the event finishes, when all is said and done...

A match between two countries offers emotions in real time! Teams of five members – and now, fight!