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Family sport! # Armwrestling #

I have been writing for twenty years that Armwrestling is a family sport and that is where its originality lies. I give various examples, from Poland, for example the Gralak Team, i.e. Stasiek and Maciek, training and competing together. Wiesiek and Mariusz Podgórscy, Gawenda brothers - twins and many others.


I spotted another family at this year's World Championships. Look at the table on the first and second day. I asked Charlotte for a few words, and there will be time for a longer conversation after the Championships:

Thank you so much for your inquiry! I’m 15 years old from the United States. My father, Devin Bair, has been training me in the sport since 2017, where i competed in a local tournament in my home town Lovell, Wyoming. My dad has been competing in the sport since 1999. This is my second year competing in the IFA World championships and his seventh. We started the week off strong, going undefeated to get the gold in our classes: Left 15U, 52kg and Left Masters 78kg. Arm Wrestling is a sport that is very familiar to me in terms of technique and sportsmanship. Showing respect to the association, refs, and competitors shows more about the athlete than the outcome of a match.