Boguś Zdanowski: I like challenges! >>>

Boguś Zdanowski: I like challenges! # Armwrestling #

Armfight Factory organized a seminar trip, a camp for the purposes of developing and popularizing armwrestling in Morocco. Alex Kurdecha told me about it and suggested leaving. I agreed, of course.


In addition, I was offered a fight in the "best of 3 vendetta" formula. My rival was champion Marco Basill. Much heavier than me, strength results much higher.

You can watch the entire fight here!

I like challenges and I took up this fight. And I always feel better when I don't go into a fight as the favorite.o you can say that if it weren't for Alex and his friendly help, I wouldn't have gott the fight and I wouldn't have had the chance, for which I thank him very much.

PeSzy: How did the fight go?

Ultimately, we managed to win 2-0, and the fatigue was at its peak. I think this is the best fight in my life at the moment and to a small extent it is a micro gateway to further interesting fights with foreign fighters. So the question is, who would you like to see me fight next? How do you rate my level now? Thank you for your questions and I hope that soon he will show a lot of good armwrestling at the table again.

PeSzy: What can I say? Congratulations Boguś!