Why would you do push-ups on the top of a mountain? >>>

Why would you do push-ups on the top of a mountain? # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

Well, it seems they're necessary! I don't have to introduce you to Mariusz. Just to be sure, though: multimedalist as competitor, talent-seeker as trainer. He also founded the MCKiS Jaworzno Club and is now the president of it, he organizes tournaments etc., etc... But why the **** would he do push-ups on top of Giewont (red. a very tall Polish mountain)?


Mariusz Grochowski: I didn't go with the intention of doing that. I just got to the top, felt like it, and did it. You can see the video on my profile: Mariusz Mariusz.

PeSzy: I thought, maybe, one day we'll go up Giewont together, or at least one of the smaller Warsaw hills. Okay, back to the topic! How's Julka Tarasek?

Mariusz Grochowski: This season has been very busy for her, lots of travelling, this year she achieved a few milestones: she flew on a plane for the first time and went to the European Championships, luckily she wasn't stressed out enough to fail. Then, the World Championships in Malaysia. It was an amazing adventure and the results were top-tier. She just came back and flew to train in Morocco again.

She keeps gaining experience! She just doesn't stop training. If she keeps at it, she will be the best of the best very soon.

PeSzy: How about Radek?

Mariusz Grochowski: Radek Kwietniewski is, unfortunately, suffering from an injury he got in June. He's still trying to come back to shape through rehabilitation and medical treatment. We're slowly getting back on track, it's getting better and better. Regardless, he placed 3rd during the World Championships in Malaysia. Let's hope he starts in the Polish Cup and places on the podium at least with his right arm, preferably with a gold medal.

Radek is very ambitious and really wants to achieve his goals.

PeSzy: Mariusz, what can you say about armwrestling from the perspective of passing years?

Mariusz Grochowski: Armwrestling, ever since I got into it, has been all about ups and downs!

Sometimes it's better, sometimes it's worse but we can't pretend that the split in federations didn't lower the level of competitors and competitions. Of course, it's easier to grab medals from these events now but the competitors who really thrive on their fighting spirits really suffer from it. Now, looking back, I really regret it. The professionalism, the number of athletes and the talent level... They were all very impressive.

I hope we get to reunite in the future and cross arms in duels again.

For now it looks like we're standing in one place. A few people are improving but those who feel like they're really the top now... They just leave the federation.


PeSzy: Is there anything you can call the Polish School of Armwrestling?

Mariusz: I think every trainer and every founder creates their own method of teaching in a way. They have different fighting and weight training techniques so it's hard to agree. I have my own school of armwrestling.

PeSzy: Thanks for the interview!

Mariusz: Greetings to all readers!