The 'Blond Bear' Jim Wright of Shepherd >>>

The 'Blond Bear' Jim Wright of Shepherd # Armwrestling #

The 'Blond Bear' Jim Wright of Shepherd still an arm wrestling force BILLINGS — The “Blond Bear” isn’t retiring anytime soon.


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Jim Wright, who was nicknamed the “Blond Bear” as a college wrestler at Huron College (South Dakota), is already training and looking forward to his next arm wrestling competition.

The 75-year-old Shepherd resident recently competed at the IFA World Armwrestling Championship in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in late September. Wright, who started arm wrestling in 1975, placed second in both the Ultra Grand Masters right-hand and left-hand 170-pound divisions.

While most people would be thrilled with placing second on the world stage and putting together a 6-2 overall record in Malaysia, Wright was a little disappointed as he worked so hard to make weight and be in the best shape possible.

“I had both those guys beat. I got up in there and as you know, arm wrestling is not long and drawn out. It is ready and go and is over quick,” Wright said. “I got up there and had a brain fart and lost my concentration before the referee said ‘Go.’ I let the feeling of the other guys influence me and I didn’t adjust quick enough.