In every sport we have people that you could write lots about but still it wouldn't fell like enough.

One of them is the legendary Cventan Gashevsky. He is widely known for being very strong, tough and having a variety of fighting techniques. Some say that his killer trainings are one of the hardest you can do. Nobody knows his precise training routine... Cventan Gashevshi - The Mystery man, but not quite. Cventan doesn't like talking about himself. If you want to learn something from him, get yourself ready because it will take a while.     
During the 2000 European Championships taking place in Poland I got to meet Cventan, and straight away I knew that he is a true champion. During a 4 year long period I managed to gather some information on him, see his gym and I got to know how the champion trains. It all turned out to be so simple; a small gym, most of the equipment is self-made, and it's pretty cold, in the winter time you have to train in gloves because tend to freeze to the dumb-bells.

It doesn't affect our champion at all, but it just makes him more mysterious and unique. When you see all this, you can't believe your eyes. "I've started training in 1991" - says Cventan. "Since 1995 I've tried to do lots of exercises to strengthen my biceps, wrist and forearm. Every single time I have approached the table, I lost. Then I trained more and still kept losing. One question bothered me all the time: what's happening, where did I go wrong, why do I keep losing?" He had been on almost every tournament in Europe. He visited USA a couple of times but still no one could answer his question and explain him the secrets of an armwrestling training. But then in 1995 he met The President of The European Federation - Igor Achimedszyn who was spending his holiday in Bulgaria. Cventan asked him for help in improving his training and explaining him the basics of a good preparation. Not even a year has passed and Cventan started winning. Since 1996 not many competitors were able to defeat him.

His training is divided in two: first weight training, second training with a sparing partner.

He trains 4-5 times per week. He starts with a good warm out at the table (15-20 minutes), and then precedes to the weight training. In his preparation period, before a competition he trains more at the table.


Hammer grip 90 degree curls on the cable using a belt wrapped over his fingers. 4x 6-10 reps.   


Hammer grip 90 degree cable curl 4x 6-8 reps.