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There is some words about top roll by Ibragim

The second commonly used technique by the multi-time World Champion Ibragim Ibragimov: TOP-ROLL (classic)

A. Before the RADY, GO! Command Ibragim pulls his opponents hand to his side, causing a press on his opponents fingers.
B. After the start his pulls his opponents hand towards his chest while the upper side of his hand starts to extend the fingers of his opponent

C. Using his body weight he swings to the side, at the time his is pressing his opponents hand
D. He finishes pressing his opponents hand to the side pad, his other hand falls over the side of the table

A, B, C starting phase on the fighting arm side: TOP-ROLL. You can see how Ibragim Ibragimov after the RADY, GO! Command causes a press on his opponents fingers with the upper side of his hand.