TARAS IVAKIN - TOP ROLL # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

Taras Ivakin (Ukraine) is competitor, fighting in various styles of top roll. This time he shows top roll and side pressure.


A. During setting Taras Ivakin is trying to hold the grip of the starting position as close to the table top as it is possible.
B. After the command READY GO! Taras is straining the opponent's little finger on himself with a quick movement of the wrist.


C. With movement directed towards himself, bending his wrist, he is bending out the remaining opponent’s fingers with a rotary movement.
D. With a side movement Taras directs the opponent’s arm to the side pad.


E. He is trying to control his elbow, so it does not to fall from the armrest.
F. With a side movement he is pressing opponent’s arm to the side pad. The left hand is falling of the edge of the table.