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WAF Congress Mesquita 2010 >>>

WAF Congress Mesquita 2010 # Armwrestling #


On 7th December 2010 in Casablanca Hotel the next WAF congress was held. It can be said that it was conducted in a friendly atmosphere. Several important aspects of organizing and conducting armwretling competitions have been taken.

Here are the most interesting moments of this Congress.

For many of you there is often a question how properly to issue the
startup command. In recent years, this moment was a headache for many competitors and referees. Some claimed that the best commend is "Ready, Go!". Others that  it's just, "Go!". Well, the world referees comettee wants to experiment with the command "Don't Move, Go!". Of course, at these championships this command will not be used, but it was decided that by 2011 - the championship in Kazakhstan each Federation should test and vote on this type of command to start. The next year, each country has given its opinion to the point. If the innovation turns up to be good, it will be introduced. If not - it will be rejected at the next congress.

Then it was voted that the World Cup in 2011 will be held in Kazakhstan from 26th November to 4th December. Of course, not everyone liked that term, but management of the World Federation had it all their own way.

The next championships in 2012 will be held in Brazil. Here the date was selected by vote to the end of September (voted by a majority). The next vote was a World Cup 2013 in Poland and here also the end of September 2013 (the majority of voters was on our side) was carried by vote.

A very important point of the program of the Congress was a proposal of Vladimir Petrenko - Ukrainian President of
Armsport Association, to change the weight class of juniors and raise the final age for juniors from 18 to 21. Here, to the many questions that have arisen from this vote, Petrenko could not answer, because, due to pneumonia, he could not attend the championships. And there were a lot of questions and concerns. First of all, many of us were surprised that we close off the possibility of 15 and 16 year old competitors the way to the World and European Championships. If the proposal would be worded a little differently, ie in such a way to separate the age category of 18 -21 - the idea would be accepted without a problem. This idea will be considered in the next year or by voting over the Internet.

Armsport Association gave the proposal to introduce new weight classes: juniors disabled up to 50kg and over 50kg, boys up to 50kg, 65kg, 80kg and over 80kg. The answer is clear and unanimous - passed. And so we have the juniors disabled class.


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