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BŁONIE 2011 - Pros and Cons of The Tournament >>>

BŁONIE 2011 - Pros and Cons of The Tournament  # Armwrestling #


We are pleased by the fact that from year to year regional activists of the Armwrestling Federation Poland get down to work on organization of open armwrestling events. As nothing can make you so not happy as a sparing at professional tournaments. And when there are also prize money or material awards (as it was on the 11th of June 2011 at the first HANDS OF STONE 2011 tournament in Błonie), then armwrestlers’ satisfaction is even greater.

Given the above arguments, it is no wonder that after an event in Błonie there are much more positive feedbacks than negative ones. What the organizers as well as leading competitors of the Polish armwrestling scene said about the tournament you may read ourselves below.

 "I think the tournament went pretty well. An auditorium (ed. note: a cinema -  theater hall in Błonie), where the tournament was held, was perfect for this type of rivalry. Additionally we took care of good light, smoke, etc., ie so everything that makes the show. As many people as announced - about 60 came at the competitions."- the tournament organizer - Dominik Gliński told  armpower editorial in a telephone interview.
When asked about the pros and cons of competition, Dominic said bluntly:

"Well, that’s great, I managed to arrange the prize money, because I think that as long as there is no Sports Association at such events the best reward for winning is simply cash. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to organize better medals, diplomas and cups. And this is probably the only drawback of this tournament".

20110615160854_grochowski.jpgWith the same opinion also did not hide the front Polish player, and at once a trainer and of the MCKiS Tytan Jaworzno Club - Mariusz Grochowski 

"As for the prizes at the tournament in Błonie, a plus were prize money, while a minus a bit too modest medals and trophies. Generally the very good competition covered these organizational shortcomings. The ciemna hall is a perfect arena for armwrestling - good visibility and good access to the scene. Level of sports, can also be classified as very high. A really strong crew arrived. The only pity is that on one day two events overlapped in one region” (ed. note: on the same day in Warsaw the armwrestling tournament being a part of the Olympic Picnic took place).

Mariusz answered the question how he evaluates his own start and his team’s start:

"As for my club, we have long been going to various competitions, and we get most of the prizes. In Błonie, I truly did not have the strongest team, but as a t MCKiS hoped for more. I see, that the opponents have not slept but have trained. Now I will stretch out the conclusions and will make my competitors apply themselves to their trainings. High, sports level of the competition showed our shortcomings, on which we will be working now".

"As to me, I went there with an attitude to win anything was possible. It is true that I had not known who would be there, but forcefully I felt good. Unfortunately about 2-3 weeks ago, at a training I strained belly muscle attachment, and while every powerful jerk of an opponent's I felt it strongly. So my fights were quick, I either won, or lost fast. Now I know that I need to change the training, to heal my tummy injury quickly.  Recently, I have reconstructed my training and focused those muscle, which I have neglected so far".

20110615160854_skalaki.jpgAbout what he thinks of his start and the competition itself, we asked the winner of the Open class- Marcin Skalski from Armfight Piaseczno.

"Everything was well organized. Maybe tere was just not enough posters about the event. There was an outdoor party nearby and really no one came to watch. As for my form and my start, after the Polish Championships I had only 2 weeks off from training. I also decided to lose a little weight – I lost 14 kg (Marcin now weighs about 117kg) - and I did not really knew what would be my form in Błonie. I was expecting strong players such as Igor Miroszkin, with whom I already spared in our club and I knew what he was capable of, or Mariusz Grochowski. But I went to the tournament with an attitude that I will win. Moreover, I always go with such an attitude".

"As far as category I quickly won all the fights. However, in the Open class, well, I had to feel a little toil. I overslept the start a little and  set up badly and Igor beat me in eliminations. But in the cup-final after longer fights beaten him in hook twice. It was, however hard. We dragged each other from one pad to another. Now I train normally and wait for the next tournament, where I'm going to fight and win".

The event was so spectacular and successful, thet satisfied city authorities have permanently etched it in the annual cycle of events organized during Błonie Days. So it seems we will be seeing at this tournament next year. And let’s hope I will be at least as successful as now.

Author: Paweł Podlewski


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