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A. Lilijev at Nemiroff 2011 >>>

A. Lilijev at Nemiroff 2011  # Armwrestling #



For various reasons Arsenov Liliejv (Russia) has already failed to arrive at the Professionals’ World Cup - Nemioroff World Cup several times in a row. And as he says: "at this time I am able to fight with everyone, both in my category and in open one". So the moment when after a long break we will finally see this award-winning competitor in a rivalry with the best at the Professionals’ World Cup came. 





20110622111711_lilijev_02.JPGArmpower: Arsen tell us on which hand you'll fight at Nemiroff World Cup?
Arsen Lilijev: I’ll fight only on right hand. 

Armpower: Only right one? And what’s with your left hand? Is it an injury?
AL: For a long time my left arm was much stronger than the right one. In 2005, as you could see at the European Championships I presented a high level of my left hand. After returning home I started to train even harder, mainly on large weights using an adjustable lift. Then I felt that my left hand does not regenerate in an appropriate manner, and unfortunately it started to hurt. Despite this, I continued training by brute force. A year later, at the Professionals’ World Cup I pitted against John Brzenk from the USA behind the scenes. Unfortunately while the try something leapt in my left hand and I started to feel more pain. As it turned out later, the worst was still ahead of me. Instead of an adequate prevention, recovery and rest, not looking at the pain I continued training until the usual pain turned into chronic. Training at high loads and conscious disregard of doctors led to the fact that I can fight 2-3 times a year on my left hand. For this reason, a few weeks before the takeoffs I have to take medical preparatory treatment. So at this year's Nemiroff World Cup I will not fight on the left hand. I need to spare it for the World Championships in Kazakhstan.


Armpower: How much do you weigh now?
AL: At the moment I Rest and I weigh about 88kg.  For Nemiroff World Cup 2011 I would like to achieve weight of about 97-98kg.

Armpower: So you will compete in super-heavy class, will you?
AL: I will Take part in up to 95kg class. Before the start itself I will try to lose 2-3 kg, as for me it is not a problem. And while the competition I will do my best, as I Gould like to win a gold medal in this class.

20110622111711_DSC_3933.JPGArmpwoer: What parameters of your hand would you like to achieve?
AL: In my Best form my biceps was 49cm. I will come to Warsaw to the World Cup with the biceps of AT least 50cm.

Armpower: And will we be able to see you in the open class rivalry?
AL: Yes, of course. That’s why I’m going to these competitions.

Armpower: So do you expect to be in the same form as at this year's Russian Championships or the European Championships?
AL: I expect to be in even better form. At the Russian Championship in the Open class face facts I took the 3rd place, but at the European Championships in Turkey I showed who is the best. It is really hard to will an open class of the Russian rivalry and I have to admit this year I missed just a bit.


20110622111711_DSC_8409.JPGArmpower: Where and with whom do you train?
AL: I’ve always trained in a DEDAL sports club in my hometown  Vladikavkaz (North Ossetia).  In this club,  train the most talented competitors from around the world like: Alan Karyev, Ruslan Kokoyev, Slava Muryev, and others. I perform strength preparation according to a special and individual training. While I do sparrings mainly with the colleagues from my club.

Since the 1st July Arsen Lilijev starts to prepare for Nemiroff World Cup 2011 for good. This is one of the few people who we would really like to see at this year's Professionals’ World Cup, a fortiori Arsen announces his start in Open category. We are very interested whether Arsen would manage to win the main prize of this prestigious armwrestling tournament.



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