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Lotoshino Tournament - history >>>

Lotoshino Tournament - history # Armwrestling #


Russian annual tournament in armwrestling, in memory of W. Sorokin
Venue: Moscow Region, City: Lotoshino
Date: the end of January
Prize pool: 65.000 rub (2005) do 425.000 rub (2011)
Organizer: W. Gromow

20110627112348_01.jpgAt the end of January 2011 for the seventh time in a row, the tournament in Łotoszyno, in memory of Vitaly Sorokin, the security officer who died performing his duties, was held.

As of yet these armwrestling championships are one of the most prestigious in Russia and can be easily compete with the best tournaments in the world. The person responsible for organizing and running this event for many years, has been Viktor Gromov - a famous athlete and armwrestling trainer. This year's prize money amounted: 17.000(the 1st place), 12.000 (the 2nd place), 6.000 (the 3rd place) roubles in each weight category and 25 000 roubles for first place in the "open" class on the left and right hand. In addition, prize money were awarded for places in the team classification. Let’s look at the historical outline of this tournament.

T first tournament, in memory of Vitaly Sorokin took place in 2004, admittedly at a regional level. I had an opportunity to go to Łotoszyno for the  first   in 2005. Even then, these tournaments proved to be one of the best, mainly due to the prize pool. As well at the beginning as now, in my opinion, everything revolves around winning the title of Absolute Tournament Champion. In 2005 I was the one who won the open category on the left hand: I was able to "bypass" Dzambolat Tsoriev and win a balanced duel  with Alexander Bulenkow from St. Petersburg. The winner  of the Open category  on the right hand  was Dzambolat!



20110627112348_03.jpg 20110627112348_04.jpg 20110627112348_05.jpg


20110627112348_06.jpg In 2006 Tsoriev was not at the tournament, but Sergei Patrikjejew began to gain strength . After a very hard struggle I managed to win the open  category  on both hands.


20110627112348_07.jpg 20110627112348_08.jpg In 2007, at the tournament appeared: World Champion Andrei Antonov, a medalist of the Russian Championships Sergej Patrikiejew, a champion and winner of international tournaments Anton Minajew, Master of Sport Andriej Korolew. On the left hand, the winner was Anton Minajew, winning in the cup-finals with Antonow. On the right hand, the winner was, Andriej Antonow, and the second was Anton Kudinow. The Master of Sport, Roman Filippov fought not bad too. I, unfortunately, had no luck in the lottery, and in one of the first fights I lost in a tough duel with Andriej, and then I fell down, but after long and fierce fights and won with Patrikejew and Filippow. After Roman I had no more strength.


20110627112348_09.jpg In 2008, the tournament has visited by Denis Cyplenkow, who defeated such competitors as Andriej Antonow, Anton Minajew, Roman Filippow, Andriej Korolew. Competitors from the South Ossetia and St. Petersburg were not present, and Denis won easily. I, then, unfortunately, was treating injuries, and looking objectively, I could not even compete with Denis, moreover, just as all the others that evening.


20110627112348_10.jpg In 2009 the prize pool was 275 000 roubles. At the same time, competitors were given a warning about the possibility of doping control. As a result, it became clear that there are no so mamy players: distinguished Master of Sport (DMS) Denis Turkow, DMS Alexander Kowalczuk, Master of Sport (MS), Roman Filippow, the World Champion of 1998 Alex Mundzhishvili, MS Anton Kudinow, MS Alexander Puzakow, European Champion 2008 Andrei Korolew. The Open class was held without any major sensations, on the left hand, I did not take part, Anton Kudinow beat Roman Filippov in the cup-final with. On the right, I won.


In 2010 the tournament became officialy Russian, but in fact international, as not only athletes from St. Petersburg, North Ossetia and other regions of Russia, but also from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Belarus and Lithuania arrive it. As for the number and level of athletes, it was one of the most exciting tournaments in Łotoszyno throughout its history. The total prize pool amounted 325 000 roubles. The champion of the lightest category became Azamat Ahpolov. In 70 class Alexander Kowalczuk defeated Vitaly Kałmykow, in 80 kg Maxim Filippow defeated Ruslan Dzhibilov. Arsen Lilijew appeared at the tournament in a great shape, weighting about 100 kg and did not leave much chance in this class. Tsoriev only managed to hold him for a moment in his left hand. In 100 + class Farid Usmanov appeared and in a balanced duel beat Wiaczesław Karpow on the left - and, while no one expected, he lost on the right hand!
Wiaczesław Muriew did not Reach the cup-final of 100 + category. In the open class Denis Cyplenkow who beat Arsen, won unconditionally, as it seemed without any problems. Nevertheless, as shown by the time Dennis is a very uncomfortable opponent for Arsen.

In 2011, in Russia the next tournament took place. We are very pleased that each year the prize pool increases. Now, it was 425 000 roubles. This year's list of participants was relatively short, also last year's champion Denis Cyplenkow did not come to the tournament. Athletes were reminded of the possibility of doping control. In a tournament fought: DMS Aleksander Kowalczuk, DMS Aleksander Bulenkow  and Timur Mamiedow, DMS Ruslan Mamiedow, MS Roman Filippow and Aleksander Gusow, Dzambolat Tsoriev and Aleksander Puzakow, Dmitri Motorin i Siergiej Noskow, Wadim Akbarow and others. In the open left hand class the winner was the  World Cup 2010winner Dzambolat Tsoriew. On the right, I won.

As you can see, the level of the tournament for the last 7 years has been growing,  the number of participants has been steadily increasing, the geography expanding, levels of players rising, prize pool increasing, the organization of the event improving. Today I managed to call Wiktor Gromow, who told me that next year, in the end of January, the tournament will take place and prize pool will increase! In addition, he plans to invite also foreign athletes.
I would like this tournament to develop further and gain acceptance in the world. God give health and forces to Wiktor Gromow, so that he could continue this good tradition! I would love to participate in this tournament again and again - every year!

Author: Ivan Matiuszenko
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