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D. Ovsienko at Nemiroff 2011 # Armwrestling #


A little known Dimitry Ovsienko is a leading competitor of the Ukrainian armwrestling, who in 2006 was offered to participate in professional duel of the PAL (Professional Armwrestling League) organization with the Ion Oncescu from Romania (Vendetta Bansko, Bulgaria on 7th August, 2006). Unfortunately he lost a six-rounds fight for right arm with a score of 1:5. Then, frankly speaking, we hoped for a slightly different result, as Dima in those years fought very well and hard in the hook, easily winning the 100kg category in the Ukraine. What has changed in this player’s life since then?

At present, this 28 year old athlete is training hard in the Ukrainian city of Sumy. Now he weighs 103 kg, and his impressive biceps reached 47cm (43cm in forearm). Why have not we seen Dima for the last few years on the European and world arena, what is his form now and will he return to take-offs at international tournaments? The Ukrainian player answered these and other questions in a short telephone interview.

20110628124716_DSC_1529.JPGArmpower: Dima, why have not we seen you for the last 5 years at the European and World Championships?
Dimitry Ovsienko: Unfortunately I did not take part in World and European Championships because they were inefficient and too expensive for me. Unfortunately, I did get any grants for trips from the Ukrainian Association. In addition, my preparations were as expensive as the trip. I participated only in commercial tournaments, where I received only some, but always money.

Armpower: When we first saw you in 2004 for at the Ukrainian Championships, we realized that for sure you're an armwrestling talent. During that time also Igor Mazurenko saw you in action and offered you to fight in arfight fights. What did you think of this proposal?
DO: I was very pleased with this proposal, the more I had to fight not with anybody but a very strong and powerful Ion Oncescu from Romania. Then, I did not know, that Ion is so fast, and that my hook fast against his top was unable to do anything. The thing I know is that I was forcefully stronger than him.

20110628124716_DSC_1614.JPGArmpower: Did this fight after so many years change anything in your technique and tactics?
DO: Yes, of course. I understood that the hook is not enough to win. From that moment I started also to prepare my own hand to the top fight. I think I reached the top of my form last year, when with a 60kg dumbbell in the hammer grip I could perform 6-7 repetitions in the series during trainings, which I was not able to do in 2005 or 2006.

Armpower: So did you switch to the top technique only, or is your hook still strength?
DO: Of course, my hook also got strengthened. My highest score is holding a 100kg dumbbell in under-grip on the biceps (elbow based on the curl). In 2005, I did not perform such training records.
Armpower: Are there mainly exercises for biceps and the upper part in your training cycle, or do you perform any other exercises?
DO: I practice and not just biceps and the upper part. My main and favourite exercise is lifting on a wrist a dumbbell with a thick, rubber bar, which Evgieni Litovcev brought me from the Polish machine-training park Mazurenko Armwrestling Equipment. When Evgieni brought us this bar for the first time, our fingers and wrists strengthened during the year by 30-40%. Now, not being able to impose more load than 85kg on it, I easily perform 10-12 repetitions.

20110628124716_DSC_1567.JPGArmpower: A propos Litovcev. We’ve just got to know from him that your form is excellent. We also know that for this year's Professionals’ World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup - London 2011 you were invited by Igor Mazurenko. What do you think of this, and will you take part?
DO: I was absolutely pleased with the invitation and at this year’s Nemiroff World Cup I will compete in the 95kg category, despite the fact that as of yet I weigh 103kg. To lose 8kg is not a problem for me. I know that this weight class is dominated by John Brzenk from the USA, but from what I know this year, John is probably injured and will not fight, so I think I have good chances.

This way, at this year's Professionals’ World Cup in Poland we'll see one more good player in action.


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