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Armfight #40: The battle of two worlds – America vs Europe >>>

Armfight #40: The battle of two worlds – America vs Europe # Armwrestling #

Special for us - Engin Terzi about all armmatches from Armfight #40 - Vendetta in Vegas! Check it now! ()

Stoyan Golemanov (Bulgaria) vs Todd Hutchings (USA) # 2:4

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Stojan vs Hutchings went exactly how it was expected. The only negative thing was some rounds to end with elbow fouls. Todd's hand was stronger than what i expected but in later rounds his wrist started to give up but then his incredible side pressure got involved. The war in the last round was the best of the rounds. Todzilla to beat Stojan with a dead wrist without the strap was impressive. That round was what i expected before the match. Stojan won on round on elbow fouls and another with slamming Todzilla to the pad while Todzilla was trying to slip ...

IMO Todzilla vs Liliev should be the next for PAL to set up !


Arsen Liliev (Russia) vs Richard Lupkes (USA) # 5:1

Arsen vs Richard was surprisingly easy. I think that Richard to armwrestle back way by placing his elbow way too back made the things easier for Arsen whose elbow often leaves the pad from back side. Richard to place his elbow way back gave a lot of room for Arsen to armwrestle freely. I would expect Richard to apply pushing mixed with side pressure to either cause Arsen to make mistakes with his elbow or cause Arsen to armwrestle in a narrower room which would help Richard who is much bigger and heavier. Going only by the arm strength and not using his incredible body pressure either to side or forward way finished the chances of Richard. Arsen was able to control both rotator & wrist of Richard and Richard's chance was using his joints by staying as close as possible to Arsen.


Khazimurat Zoloev (Russia) vs Jerry Cadorette (USA) # 0:6

Jerry vs Hadzi was the most interesting supermatch ever. 140 kg Jerry vs 80kg Hadzimurat ... after Jerry's terrible performance at the Zloty it was expected Hadzi to win this match. This supermatch just showed that Jerry just had a bad day in Poland. In the first round Jerry applied a strong shoulder press with wrist control on Hadzi's bicep, Hadzi was able to stop this move but it looked like it was more than his limits and he could not hold Jerry after about 15 seconds. Then Zoloev started to go outside and Jerry applied the same pressure with a dead wrist this time ... since Jerry has been pulling in such way for near 20 years he had the endurance to outlast Hadzi who is not used to pulling such matches ... after that round Hadzi did a smart move and used a half hook with rowing by controlling Jerry's arm with his semi hooked positioned wrist. But the horse power difference was too much and he could not outlast Jrry ... IMO Hadzi should toproll first and then hook to avoid Jerry's shoulder press but still i do not think that he could win. By the round 5 Hadzi was exhausted as Jerry just held him in hook and Hadzi gave up.

IMO Jerry savd his armwrestling honour by beating 180 pounds Hadzi. I have great respct for Hadzi who pulled great against 140kg Jerry in a fresh supermatch.

Congratulations to Jerry and Big Respect to Hadzimurat Zoloev !


Andrey Pushkar (Ukraine) vs Michael Todd (USA) # 0:6

Pushkar vs M. Todd was the biggest surprise of the day. Mjority was expecting some flash pins by Pushkar esspecially in the early rounds and i was one of them. But i realised that Pushkar was in trouble in the moment that i saw them slipping right at the middle of the table. It was a sign that Pushkar's hand and wrist were going to fail in the strap. It happenned exactly how it looked and Michael stopped him some inches away from the pad. Pushkar looked so static in his mind and only trusted in his strength. He realised that it was a trap with no exit once his power started to reduce. Michael look like an hunter who hunted a stronger being but was just waiting his hunt to get weaker in this trap, to control him. He slowly came into the match and started to apply small but quick pumps on Pushkar's arm to bring it away from Pushkar's shoulder and did the deadly final move with a shoulder press. Michael's exprience and well roundness was too much for Pushkar. All the other rounds were the copies of this first round except one round that Pushkar tried to hook M.Todd unsuccesfully and another round that Michael tested Pushkar's inside which he did not like and went back to his Crazy George move.

Big congratulations to Michael for finally reaching very near to where he wanted to be for so many years. Big respect to him! Pushkar could have crushed anyone else in the world except Michael who has this unique style. Pushkar still is one of the a few "STRONGST" armwrestlers in the world.


thanks PAL for the greatest armwrestling day in the armwrestling world !

Engin Terzi


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